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Abiy Ahmed Biography: The Full Account of His Amazing Life Story

abiy ahmed on ethiopian map

Abiy Ahmed's Biography, His Amazing Life Story...አብይ አህመድ, Abiyyi Ahimad...Three passions have inevitably defined the man who stands before us today as the 12th Prime Minister of Ethiopia: his love for education, his desire to become a leader and his aspirations for conflict resolution...he rose from a young boy with humble beginnings to become an extremely influential and revolutionizing leader of a proud and economically booming hundred million strong nation...

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Belay Zeleke

belay zeleke leading his army

Belay Zeleke a true Ethiopian patriot and hero...His father was born in Bichena, Gojjam...all this tragedy took place while young Belay stood by and watched. Upon coming of age, Belay swore to avenge his father's death and left the city with male members of his family...With this victory proving their prowess in battle, they proceeded to wage a prolonged battle against anything and everything Italian within the areas of Gojjam, Shewa, and Wollo...

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15 Best Places To Visit For Fun in Eritrea

best places destinations in eritrea

The Best Destinations in Eritrea...No longer, on a war footing, Eritrea promises to be one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. Eritrea was also once ranked fifth in Africa as the most appealing locations. The best places in Eritrea promise to marvel any tourist or vistor with its many attractions...Eritrea...has virtually pristine beaches and natural beauty sites located all over...

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Life in Ethiopia: 25 Facts You Should Know

ethiopian airlines plane

25 Things To Know Before Moving or While Living in Ethiopia...As a person who has been around the world and is now living in Ethiopia, I thought it would be helpful to provide some advice from the experiences I have had. So if you are living in Ethiopia, planning on travelling to or moving to Ethiopia, then the following should provide you with some useful advice on everyday life in Ethiopia...

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Abiy Ahmed Pictures: 60 Photos of Ethiopia's Prime Minister (Images)

abiy ahmed

Ethiopia's new leader, Dr. Abiy Ahmed is making radical changes with all the reforms he has enacted. He has become a breath of fresh air for the stagnant political system, Ethiopia is well known for. In order to show our appreciation for the country's new leader, we have prepared the following 60 photos of Abiy Ahmed as he takes care of business as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia...

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5 Reasons Why Ethiopia is the Black Panther's Wakanda

ethiopian flag on wakanda logo and city of black panther

If ever there was an African country with the location and people best suited to match the Wakanda nation in the Black Panther, then Ethiopia would be the obvious choice. The following are 5 reasons why Ethiopia is the Black Panther's Wakanda...

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Khat: History, Sale, Use, Effects, Ethiopia and All You Need To Know

british girl chewing khat

...government in Somalia outlawed and banned the use and cultivating of khat. But this only led to a huge increase in smuggled khat from Ethiopia, and traditionally non users in the south of Somalia began to take up the activity as a protest against the British colonial powers. Interestingly enough, the legal and illegal importation of khat from Ethiopia continues to this day, with roughly all Somalian males being habitual users...

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Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afwerki and the Fate of Over 100 Million People

isaias afwerki and abiy ahmed

The EPRDF was known to be repressive towards opposition groups and dissenters. Isaias Afwerki, with his EPLF group once fought alongside the EPRDF and shares many of their fears and beliefs...Furthermore, there are those Ethiopians that vehemently oppose giving Badme to the Eritreans after their sacrifice of blood and sweat...

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Ethiopian Spices, Herbs, Roots, Oilseeds in English/Amharic

ethiopian spices herbs roots in english and amharic that stands out is the Ethiopians love of spices. Almost all the food and drinks taken by Ethiopians in their daily routine consists of one or more spices, herbs, etc. Ethiopia's spices have a sort of mysterious nature about them, as they are not commonly found around the globe. The various spices, herbs and roots Ethiopians use are mostly...

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PICS: Bomb Attack on Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

police attempt at crowd control

A rally with about a million people in attendance was showing their support for the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his progressive reforms. The theme of the rally was one of love and support with millions of jubilant faces. But things turned dark and ugly when unknown assailants hurled a grenade towards the Prime Ministers direction. He was thankfully unhurt and whisked away...

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13 Cultural and Traditional Facts To Know About Ethiopia

cultural traditional facts about ethiopia

Cultures and traditions are meant to be kept and preserved throughout the generations. Ethiopians have done a remarkable job of maintaining and preserving their traditions and cultures...Religion is also a very important factor when considering culture and tradition of Ethiopians...Orthodox Christianity and Islam being...

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20 Ethiopian Wildlife Facts You Must Know

wildlife of ethiopia

20 Important Things to Know About the Wildlife in Ethiopia...The following describes several different aspects of wildlife in Ethiopia. This encompasses the animals, plants, their habitations, and several other elements related to wildlife...

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19 Wars that Made Today's Ethiopia

wars of ethiopia

While some of the wars fought by the Ethiopians were solely in self defense, others were fought to subjugate and expand...The following are 19 wars of Ethiopia that has made it what it is today. We sincerely hope there will not be a 20th...

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25 of the Most Important People in Ethiopian History

most important people in ethiopian history

Ethiopia's Most Famous Historical Figures...The following list contains 25 of the most important people in Ethiopian history...Among the 25 historical figures that are presented here, there are heroes, emperors, empresses, kings, queens, and much more...each and every one of these people has contributed to the greatness that is Ethiopia...

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Ethiopia Information and 17 Important Services

Ethiopia Information and Important Services

Ethiopia Information that is Important to Know...Health in Ethiopia...There are a lot of pharmacies in Ethiopia and they are well stocked to handle most common medicines but rare medicines might pose a problem...Although, many locals drink the tap water, it is deemed unsafe and should be boiled thoroughly...

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20 Must See Destinations in Ethiopia

destinations in ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most exciting places in the world to visit...It is also often ranked highly as a must see tourist destination...The road to the Danakil Depression or Dallol Depression...This area can be reached from Mekelle over to Birki Birki then to Berhale on to Hamed Ela then to Dallol. Lake Asale will also be visible on this trip...

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News Now Ethiopia - EthiopianNews From Around the World

globe with allaboutethio ethiopian news today

Ethiopian News From Around the World - Are You Looking For What the World is saying About Ethiopia? We Provide You with Daily Updated News About Ethiopia From the Media Around the World...

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50 Full American Scholarships for Ethiopians in 2018

application form for scholarships for ethiopians 2018

We understand transitioning into higher education can be a stressful ordeal: choosing the right place to study, the right country, the right field, family pressure, financial pressure and so much more. In light of this, we have put together a list of 50 full scholarships for Ethiopians to study in the United States...

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10 Photos of Abiy Ahmed's Wife: Ethiopian First Lady Zinash Tayachew

collection of the best ethiopian foods

Today, the Ethiopian First Lady Zinash Tayachew, has made some appearances but still remains a bit of a mystery. They have three daughters and it is reported that she often travels back and forth between Ethiopia and the United States. The following are 10 Photos of Abiy Ahmed's Wife: Ethiopian First Lady Zinash Tayachew...

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10 of the Best Ethiopian Foods to Eat with Recipes

collection of the best ethiopian foods

Some of the Best Foods of Ethiopia...Today, unless you are a hermit living on an isolated island, you would have definitely come across an Ethiopian restaurant...The following are 10 of the best Ethiopian foods to eat in 2018...Whether a first time eater or an experienced foodie...

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Ethiopian People: A Close Look at the People of Ethiopia

ethiopian people from 10 ethnicities

Ethiopian People: A Close Look at 10 Types...One distinguishing fact about the people of Ethiopia is that there are multitudes of ethnicities, religious beliefs, tribes...The following list shows just 10 of the many peoples of Ethiopia...

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HR 128 Ethiopia Summary

congressman chris smith ethiopians

The Ethiopian diaspora in the United States played a pivotal role in helping get this resolution passed, by...HR 128 Ethiopia Summary...Condemns:(1) the killing of peaceful protesters and excessive use of force by Ethiopian security forces;(2) the detention of journalists, students, activists and political leaders...

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20 of the Best Ethiopian News Websites with Global Rank and Revenue

ethiopian news websites

We have prepared the following list of 20 of the best Ethiopian news websites today in the hopes that it will help make it easier to pick and choose the right Ethiopia news source. Included in the statistics are Global Rank, Website Worth, Monthly Revenue, Daily Ads Revenue, Daily Visitors, Website Launch Date, Monthly Users, Monthly Page Views, Daily Pageviews, Homepage Screenshots...

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10 Incredible Things to Know about Ethiopian Birr

ethiopian birr 100 note denomination overflowing from closet

Today, Ethiopia is known as one of the fastest growing economies not only in Africa but in the world...the Ethiopian Birr is also raising its profile in the international finance market...Ethiopia is also looking very attractive to international investors, and the Chinese, Turkish, Saudis, and Indians...The following are 10 incredible things to know about the Ethiopian Birr...

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10 Things to Expect When Dating an Ethiopian Woman

ethiopian woman beautiful eyes

Ethiopian women want to be appreciated for anything other than how much you want to sleep with them, but society tends to super sexualize them...Men will always remember an Ethiopian woman they have dated, for either the good or the bad...but either way, they will remember...The following are 10 things to expect when dating an Ethiopian woman...

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