Find all you need to know about the different foods and recipes in Ethiopia. Furthermore, learn to make your favorite Ethiopian foods by selecting the right one for you and following the easy to do instructions. Ethiopian Recipes - Ethiopian food...

Ethiopian Doro Wot - Ethiopian Spicy Chicken and Hard Boiled Egg Stew

Shiro - Ethiopian Chick Pea Stew/Curry

Kitfo - Ethiopian Minced Meat Tartar

Kik Wot - Ethiopian Yellow Lentil Stew

Gored Gored - Ethiopian Seasoned Cubed Meat

Misir Wot - Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew

Quanta/Kuanta Firfir - Ethiopian Beef Jerky with Enjera

Kikel/Kekel - Ethiopian Mild Stew with Potatoes and Lamb

Nitir Kibe - Ethiopian Seasoned Butter