ESAT TV Live News Streaming Ethiopia Today


ESAT TV or Ethiopian Satellite Television is a satellite news network of Ethiopian origin which has its head office and headquarters in Washington D.C., United States.

ESAT TV is an independent, nonprofit media house that is overwhelmingly sponsored by private groups from the Diaspora originating from Ethiopia.

ESAT TV History

ESAT TV began operations in 2010, by exiled media personalities whom claim to have been jailed and tortured.

The group of journalists promised to provide accurate and balanced news and analysis, as well as the occasional entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, sports and the like.

ESAT TV Programming

ESAT TV primarily targets content that is based on political news from Ethiopia. They broadcast mainly in Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, with some programs in Afaan Oromo and English. Their programming is done via their studios in Washington DC, London, and Amsterdam. Furthermore, ESAT TV has satellite, online TV service and a daily radio broadcast which began in 2011.

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