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The Laws Surrounding Ethiopia and Weed

everything about cannabis in ethiopia laws price and quality

What do you know about Ethiopia and Weed? Find out about the laws, the quality of the strains, and the price per gram...How many people know that several of the world's modern-day practices began in Ethiopia? Drinking coffee and pan-Africanism, some even see Ethiopia as the birthplace of humanity. But what about Ethiopia and weed? As well as being the spiritual home of Rastafarianism, there's strong reason to believe that the use of cannabis may also originate in Ethiopia. It's widely speculated that growing cannabis in the country has occurred for hundreds of years.

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features for ethiopian mobile apps

Some of Ethiopia's most popular mobile phone applications are the FynGeez - Amharic Keyboard - making it easy to communicate in four languages, including Tigrigna and Oromiffa. Closely followed by the Ethiopian Calendar - making conversion between the Gregorian Calendar and the Ethiopian Calendar a breeze. But perhaps one of the biggest successes is the Ethiopian mobile app that hit over a million downloads in 2020, Ethiopian Airlines. So what can we learn from the most popular apps? And what features are expected on mobile apps?...

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5 Tips to Help You Stream Like A Pro

5 tips to help you stream like a pro

Are you an avid gamer looking to take your gaming to the next level and want to learn how to stream? Have you seen other streamers find great success while doing this and want to try your hand at it? It's the era of online streaming. Whether you're a professional streamer or just starting out, there are a few things you can do to help improve your stream and make it more enjoyable for your viewers. Streaming is incredibly popular and something that you can do at home too. In this post, we'll share some tips to help you stream like a pro. Keep reading to learn more!...

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10 Things You Should Know About Ethiopian Education

ethiopia and its educational system

Education is a key factor that drives a country's economy by providing the citizens with innovative ideas to improve all governance systems. Like most countries around the world, the Ethiopian government and other private providers offer education to the country's citizens. Going through the education profile of Ethiopia will help you understand the recent trends in the education system and the student's mobility. Here are the ten things you should know about Ethiopian education...

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Education in Ethiopia: 3 Tips for Students

education in ethiopia

Education in Ethiopia...Learn about Ethiopia and its people's efforts to transform their education system thus providing young students with some better life opportunities and a brighter future...Being a student in Ethiopia has become a privilege today as millions of young people can pursue their dreams of a better life as this country invests huge efforts in their education process. There is a lot more progress to be made but recent results are more than promising when it comes to literacy rates or increased number of students on every level...

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How to Write a Good Movie Review

how to write a good movie review

How to Write a Good Movie Review...Are you thinking of becoming a film critic? To write good movie reviews, you need to have a solid understanding of film history and theory, skillfully articulate your thoughts in writing, and have a critical eye for detail. Do you ever watch a movie and feel the need to share your opinion? If so, you might be wondering how to write a good movie review...

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How Instagram Can Help Businesses in Ethiopia Succeed

how instagram can help businesses in ethiopia succeed

How Instagram Can Help Businesses in Ethiopia Succeed...Instagram is one the biggest virtual platforms for businesses to connect with their audience. It's unfortunate that many business owners in Ethiopia do not know how to use Instagram effectively. If you have a small business that needs help with marketing, you are in the same boat as many others. A few key things that can help your business on Instagram is...

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Ethiopia Plans National ID Blockchain System

ethiopia plans national id blockchain system

At a time when there is increased chatter about regulating cryptocurrencies in countries like the USA or China, Ethiopia is showing openness towards digital assets. With over 117 million people, it can become a large market for crypto, mainly because the government has been involved in creating a proper infrastructure and is already taking important steps. The unique features of blockchain technology can lead to numerous applications and Ethiopia announced a deal with Cardano, one of the major companies in the crypto space, for building a blockchain for a national ID system...

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10 Best Website Designers & Developers Companies in Ethiopia 2023

website designer developer companies in ethiopia

Top Ethiopian Web Design and Developer Agencies 2023...Are you looking for web development companies in Ethiopia? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. In simple words, with a customized website, you can develop your or your company's site as per your detailed needs. List of the Best Ethiopian Web Design locate some of the best Ethiopian web development companies, we have compiled this list of the top web design companies in Ethiopia...

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How to Find the Most Lucrative Sports Betting Websites in Ethiopia

best ethiopian betting sites

Are you an Ethiopian who wants to bet online, but doesn't know much about the online gambling industry? Read this article to find out how to bet safely! This article will give you information about online betting in Ethiopia, naturally the article is aimed at players who might have never placed an online bet before, so it's necessary to give them tips on how to do it successfully...

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10 of the Best Universities in Ethiopia

best universities in ethiopia

10 of the Best Universities in Ethiopia...There has been a massive expansion of the entire Ethiopian education system, with entry into public universities being free, but very difficult to enter due to high competition. Typically, about 20 percent of applicants go to public universities in Ethiopia...Addis Ababa University enrolled approximately 21,000 students. One of the biggest benefits of studying in Ethiopia, especially for international students coming from Western Europe, America, and Canada, is the low cost of living...

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Best Ethiopian Lawyers in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

best ethiopian lawyers in washington dc maryland virginia

Best Ethiopian Lawyers in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia...You can find Amharic speaking attorneys in Virginia, DC, and Maryland to fight for your cause. Whether you have experienced workplace discrimination, have been wrongfully discharged, or need to talk to an attorney about your immigration or employment rights, the following law firms will leverage their broad legal know how and help you achieve your goals. With years of litigation experience in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland courts, these Ethiopian lawyers will use their legal and negotiating skills to work with you to find effective solutions for your needs...

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Ethiopian FM Radio, Internet Radio & Podcasts

ethiopian fm radio and ethiopian internet radio podcasts

Ethiopian FM Radio, Internet Radio & Podcasts...Fana FBC 98.1 FM, Afro FM 105.3 Ethiopian Radio, Sheger 102.1 FM, Ahadu 94.3 FM, EBC 104.7 FM, ESAT Radio, EthiopikaLink Radio, Bisrat 101.1 FM, TG Radio...There were 3 main stations: 100-kilowatt station in Addis Ababa, a 100-kilowatt station in Harar, and a 50-kilowatt station just outside of Asmara, with additional programs being broadcast from a 10-kilowatt station in Addis Ababa...

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Ethiopian Online Passport Renewal and Application

invea immigration nationality and vital events agency online passports

Online Ethiopian Passport Services...We prepared the following to help you with your Ethiopian passport needs that you can handle online. Ethiopian online passport services such as the below shall be covered: New Ethiopian Passport, Expired Ethiopian Passport, Ethiopian Passport with Pages Finished, Damaged Ethiopian Passport, Lost or Stolen Ethiopian Passport, Change of Ethiopian Passport Data, Valid Ethiopian Passport, Ethiopian Passport for Applicants Under 18 Years Old, Urgent Service Ethiopian Passports, Emergency Ethiopian Passports...

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How To Use CBE Birr to Pay Utilities: Water, Electricity, Tele, DSTV, Traffic

how to use cbe birr to pay utilities water electricity tele dstv traffic

How To Use CBE Birr to Pay Utilities: Water, Electricity, Tele, DSTV, Traffic...The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has launched its mobile money services called CBE Birr. CBE Birr enables its users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, buy mobile airtime, pay bills (utilities: electricity, water, telecom, DSTV, etc.) and make payments. Choose 2 for Input Short Code. Enter 70...

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Top 20 Ethiopian Apps for Cell/Mobile Phones & Tablets 2023

top ethiopian apps

Top apps in Ethiopia...In this article, we explore some of the best apps that we believe have made an impact in the Ethiopian apps scene. Ethiopians are an innovative people, and as a result, we have an abundance of brilliant apps designed to make life exciting and just a bit simpler. It goes without saying, Ethiopia still needs more creative apps and with the explosion of IT hubs being formed throughout the country, it won’t be a long wait...

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Top 20 Companies in Ethiopia (Highest Taxpayers) 2023

top ethiopian companies and tax payers

Top businesses in Ethiopia...The Ethiopian government was able to collect a whopping 233.7 billion Ethiopian Birr or about 6.4 billion US Dollars, from construction companies, breweries, cement factories, banks, and more. Ethiopia has managed to collect 18% more in this budget year which ended on July 7th, 2020 compared to the previous Ethiopian tax collection period for 2019, with the top 20 companies and taxpayers in Ethiopia being recognized for it...

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10 of the Best Wedding Venues in Ethiopia

best ethiopian wedding venues

Amazing Wedding Venues in Ethiopia...Weddings are one of the most memorable times of any couple's lives. Therefore, it should be planned and executed to its utmost potential. Whether it is an Ethiopian destination wedding or an Ethiopian themed wedding, there are a lot of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. We have prepared the following list of the top wedding venues in Ethiopia; we believe shall serve to create that unforgettable experience...

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3 of the Best African Honeymoon Places To Visit

best african honeymoon places

An African honeymoon could provide you with a lovely and memorable holiday to celebrate your love. Whether you are searching for something classy or bucolic, unique or popular, expensive or cost-efficient, the African continent is the perfect place. The following are our top 3 African honeymoon destinations that we believe will enable you and your loved one to witness an unrivaled and magical experience...

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12 Top Ethiopian Betting Sites for Sports: Betika, Hulu Sport...

top ethiopian betting sites for sports

...offers a massive 5,000,000 ETB/147,059 USD payout, and focuses only...Although legal since 2012, Ethiopian betting for sports is a relatively new trend in Ethiopia, with a huge potential for growth...Currently, the Ethiopian betting industry has experienced a sharp increase in growth, and this can be witnessed by the betting shops sprouting up throughout the country...

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Ethiopia Health Ministry: 10 Projects and Programs

addis ababa map

Ethiopia is currently affected by a variety of diseases with a sharp increase in communicable infections. Numerous Ethiopians experience high morbidity and mortality mainly credited to potentially preventable infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies. In order to prevent such widespread and newly budding health problems, the Ethiopia Health Ministry created a twenty year continuing Health Sector Development Program (HSDP) in...

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Addis Ababa Map

addis ababa map

The Addis Ababa map (offline) at the bottom of this page includes the location of all the areas making up the capital city of Ethiopia. The map of Addis Ababa covers a total land area of 54,000 hectares or 13,3436 acres, making it the largest city in Ethiopia. The following is a complete offline Addis Ababa map, zoom in for closeups...

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10 Top Ethiopia YouTube Channels 2023


The Best Ethiopian YouTube Channels...YouTube is now the number one go to site for Ethiopians and because of this, more and more people are becoming “youtubers” or content creators...There are many reasons to start a YouTube Ethiopia channel, but here are some of the most popular ones...

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10 Top Ethiopia Facebook Pages 2023

top 10 ethiopia facebook pages

Facebook is the top social network in Ethiopia, both in terms of users (in the millions) and page views (in the billions). In Ethiopia, a lot of brands are investing in this social network to connect with users and drive conversions, or in other words, get customers. But the question remains: How many of these sites and brands are using...

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20 Best Ongoing Construction Projects in Ethiopia

best ongoing construction projects in ethiopia

To eradicate poverty, expand Ethiopia’s infrastructure and to create jobs, the government has launched not only mega construction projects but also relatively minor ones, such as Unity Park, which cost a mere 5 million ETB. Compare that with megaprojects in Ethiopia, the likes of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which costs a little less than 5 billion USD, then you have a government not afraid to reach deep into their coffers...

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Coffee Production in Ethiopia: 10 Best Ethiopian Coffee Distributors/Companies

coffee production in ethiopia

One would have predicted that the COVID-19 epidemic would have slowed the sale of Ethiopian coffee, but to the contrary it has increased at alarming rates...Coffee production in Ethiopia for the period of...was 7.1 million/60 kg bags or 426,000 metric tons, making the country the largest coffee producer in Africa and the 5th largest coffee producer in the entire world...

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10 Best Uber-Like Ride & Taxi Service Companies in Ethiopia

best ride taxi service companies in ethiopia

The top 10 ride hailing apps in Ethiopia created by some of the best e-commerce companies have made traveling and everyday commuting much safer and easier...Taxi services are one of the best ways to travel in Ethiopia now, especially due to the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic...With this in mind, we prepared the following list of the best ride hailing apps in Ethiopia, to help you find the right company and Uber-like taxi service in Ethiopia...

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10 of the Best Construction Companies in Ethiopia 2023

best construction companies in ethiopia

...surprisingly enough, contrary to what experts predicted, Ethiopian construction companies are doing exceptionally well, during the time the world is experiencing its worst ever depression like crisis caused by the covid-19 epidemic...The construction industry alone recorded 11.6% annual growth which was brought on by a substantial increase in infrastructure and construction investments in Ethiopia...

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10 Best Lawyers/Attorneys in Ethiopia 2023

best lawyers in ethiopia

There are two terms used for attorneys in Ethiopia: Tebeka (literally means protector) or Akabi Hig, which is a prosecutor. You will want to ask your chosen lawyer additional questions, such as...Finding a lawyer in Ethiopia, who can assist you with your legal requirements is no easy task, as in any other country, especially in a country where you may have lived in for just a short period or perhaps you do not even speak the local language...

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16 of the Best Ecommerce in Ethiopia 2023

best ecommerce in ethiopia

E-Commerce Business in Ethiopia...Ecommerce platforms mostly built by Ethiopians are now waging a secret war for the privilege of holding their ground in a free for all fight to expand their presence in this growing Ethiopian e-commerce market...Ethiopia is a developing country with a rapidly growing market for e-commerce and online shopping...

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10 of the Best Ways to Make Money Online in Ethiopia 2023

10 ways to make money online in ethiopia

What can be better than making money online in Ethiopia from the comfort of your own home? Not much!...Once you realize your spare time online job in Ethiopia is starting to get you checks in dollars, euros, or etb, then that office job you believed was always necessary might seem redundant. We prepared the following to show you some of the best ways to make money online in Ethiopia...

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A Guide To Dealing With Allergies and Asthma In Ethiopia

allergies and asthma in ethiopia

Allergic diseases are extremely common in all parts of the world, and in Ethiopia, a study has found that allergy symptoms and disorders such as eczema, rhinitis, wheezing, and skin sensitivity is extremely common in young schoolchildren in rural areas. Living with allergies can be a challenge as allergy triggers can be found everywhere. However, you can manage your symptoms by...

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6 of the Best Catering Companies in Ethiopia for 2023

best catering companies in ethiopia

When dealing with the aspects that can make or break your event, few are as important as the flavor, appearance, and quality of the food and drinks you serve your guests. Hence the importance of choosing the right catering company in Ethiopia for your events and special occasions. Most guests will more than likely not remember much of the entertainment and decorations but will definitely remember whether or not the food and drinks were amazing...

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20 of the Best Tour Companies and Operators in Ethiopia for 2023

best tour companies and operators in ethiopia

Ethiopia is an incredible holiday destination for those adventure seekers looking for amazing natural beauty, unforgettable cultural experiences, beautiful scenery, bird watching, hiking, and so much more. With such an itinerary, it is vital to make the right choice of a tour company and operator in Ethiopia...

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3 Must-Pack Essentials for an Eco-Friendly Ethiopian Staycation

eco friendly ethiopian staycation

Eco-friendly staycations are becoming particularly popular as an increasing number of Ethiopians are starting to adopt green living principles. Ethiopia boasts a number of ethical clothing brands such as soleRebels and lemlem that are well worth supporting when having to supplement your wardrobe prior to your staycation...

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What's Next for the Blockchain in Ethiopia and Beyond?

blockchain and ethiopia

Over time, however, it's become increasingly clear that the blockchain is also going to serve purposes beyond the crypto markets. Some would actually argue that there's virtually no end to the potential applications of blockchain technology. In terms of imminent, mainstream uses though, the following are some of the most noteworthy next steps for blockchain, both in Ethiopia and beyond...

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Coronavirus in Ethiopia

coronavirus in ethiopia

Ethiopia has just reported its first confirmed case of the Coronavirus or Covid-19. The subject in question is a 48 year old Japanese man who is currently in quarantine at the Ethiopian government run Yekatit hospital...By the 17th of March 2020, a British diplomat who arrived from Dubai tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of infected individuals to six...

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Wedding Traditions Of The Amhara People

wedding tradtions of the amhara people

In this region, women can marry once they turn 14 (the groom may be roughly five years the bride’s senior). In fact, the Amhara people have Ethiopia’s lowest average marriage age ever at 14.7 years old. The Main Types of Amhara Wedding...Amhara weddings typically conform to one of three types of ceremony: a Eucharist church marriage, a kin-negotiated civil marriage, or a temporary marriage. In general, the ceremonies typically take place in a large, appropriately decorated hall or auditorium — as usually chosen by the parents of the bride and groom. Christianity is the dominant religion in...

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5 Things You Can Do in Ethiopia That Will Make Your Trip Special

5 things to do in ethiopia

Ethiopia is still a relatively unexplored country when it comes to tourists, but those who decide to venture out will be rewarded with archaeologic discoveries millions of year's old, breathtaking natural scenery, and a rich culture. While the more popular sites are certainly worth seeing, if you really want to make your trip special, you'll want to...

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Ethiopian Diaspora: Account and Mortgage

ethiopian diaspora accounts mortgage

The Numerous and Massively Powerful Ethiopian Diaspora...It is believed that more than 3 million Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin are living in various regions across the globe, making the Ethiopian Diaspora an entity worth respecting. Break Down of Where Ethiopian Diaspora Live...According to some estimates: over 1 million Ethiopians live in the Middle East, about 600,000 in Africa, more than 300,000 in North America, and a remaining 200,000 spread out across Europe, Australia and Asia...

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Best Insurance Companies in Ethiopia for 2023

best insurance companies in ethiopia

Best Insurance Companies in Ethiopia for 2023...Modern institutionalized financial services such as insurance and banks have a very short history, indeed. For ages Ethiopians had been receiving financial services through informal means, known locally as,'iqqubs', 'iddirs' and 'mahbers'...The total assets of Ethiopian insurance companies reached 11.3 billion ETB, while total capital reached 2.97 billion ETB and gross premium raking in 6.99 billion ETB...

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10 Amazing Facts about the Ethiopian "Cancer Cure" Soursop/Graviola/Ambashok

amazing facts about ethiopian soursop graviola ambashok

The Soursop, Laboratories, and Cancer...Laboratory studies conducted revealed that extracts originating from the graviola are capable of killing certain types of breast and liver cancer cells, especially those that were found to be resistant to some chemotherapy drugs. Recent laboratory tests proved that the extract of the graviola pulp also had a positive effect against prostate cancer cells on mice. Several animal and test-tube studies have even discovered that the soursop may aid with everything from lessening inflammation to slowing cancer cell growth....What is the Ethiopian Soursop or Ambashok?...

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How to Visit Ethiopia on a Budget

travel visit ethiopia on a budget

Ethiopia hasn't been on a lot of travellers' radars until very recently, but all that is about to change. This beautiful country is home to ancient historical sites, scenic landscapes, tasty food, and fabulous festivals. Interestingly, Ethiopia still uses the Coptic calendar, which is 7 years behind the Gregorian calendar, meaning that you're literally travelling back in time! In this post, we'll take a closer look at the best way to visit Ethiopia on a budget. With whatever you've got left over, you can start planning your trip to come back!...

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6 Ways to Check if Your Honey in Ethiopia is Real or Fake

ethiopian honey

Here are some easy methods to help you exam the purity of the honey you purchased. Six Tests to Check Your Honey...1. Thumb Exam...Place a little amount of honey on your thumb and check if it spills or spreads around like any other liquid. If it does, most times it is an indication of fake honey. Real honey is thick while fake honey is runny. Real honey sticks to the surface it is applied to and does not just drip away. Furthermore, the taste of fake honey may remain due to the sugar that was added. 2. Water Exam...Place a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and watch the reaction...

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Best Banks in Ethiopia for 2023

best banks in ethiopia

Best Ethiopian Banks and their Profits/Description 2023...Problems such as foreign exchange associated issues...A testament to Ethiopia's fast growing economy can be seen in the fact that despite all these problems banks in Ethiopia posted their highest growth rate in 6 years, as well as and acceleration in the expansion of bank branches...

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Payoneer MasterCard in Ethiopia

payoneer mastercard in ethiopia

By signing up to utilize Payoneer's services you will be able to receive money in Ethiopia from anywhere in the world, as well as being able to spend your money online. What you must have to get a Payoneer MasterCard in Ethiopia. A Working Email Address: you will be required to sign up using your email address much like with PayPal...

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Electricity in Ethiopia: Power Outages, Rationing and its Consequences

electricity in ethiopia

Ethiopia has officially cut or halved the transmission of electricity to its neighbors Djibouti and Sudan. Furthermore, for two months, the country will go through power rationing. For example, if today you have electricity from 6 am...

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Ethiopian Airlines Crash: Conspiracy, Facts and Victims (PICS)

ethiopian airlines crash

Ethiopian Airlines Crash Controversy and Information...Timeline of Ethiopian Airlines Crash...The news shattered more than two years of relative calm in Africa's skies. As millions on the continent headed to church on Sunday morning, an Ethiopian Airlines plane took off on a routine flight from Addis Ababa for Nairobi and quickly lost control. Six minutes later, all contact was lost. All 157 people aboard were killed, representing a staggering 35 countries. Here is a timeline of how the day unfolded. All times local....

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50 Things You Must Know About Ethiopian Weddings

ethiopian wedding

Ethiopian Traditional Weddings (Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, etc.)...A wedding is almost always a huge affair, but when it comes to Ethiopian weddings, the magnitude of importance increases exponentially. A wedding is a moment of a lifetime that should be treasured forever hence it should go as smoothly as is practically possible. Ethiopian wedding tradition and culture is one of the richest in the African continent and has mostly remained unblemished over the years. As such, the Ethiopian wedding ceremony is a beautiful sight to see...

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7 of the Best Business Consultants in Ethiopia

business consultants in ethiopia

If you are curious about doing business in Ethiopia and have little to no knowledge about the risks and opportunities awaiting you, then finding the right business consultant is the wisest option. Business consultants in Ethiopia can provide you and your company with valuable insight, unbiased analyses and specialized support for virtually all areas of your new or existing business. From business system optimization to the subtleties of doing business in a country you have little knowledge about, consultants can make the road to success a lot easier...

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Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Ethiopia: The Million Dollar Return

blockchain bitcoin cryptocurrency in ethiopia

Ethiopian Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Bitcoin Background... there are about a thousand Ethiopians who have invested their money in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin...after Abera invested in seventeen mining machines, he currently has Bitcoin worth 1.6 million dollars in his wallet...Examples of Ethiopian Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investors...

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Best Restaurants in Ethiopia: Top 20 for 2023

best restaurants in ethiopia

Whether you're craving Japanese or traditional Ethiopian food, you'll find world-class dishes at the best restaurants in Ethiopia. Restaurants in Ethiopia...We prepared this list of the 20 top restaurants in Ethiopia, in order to give you a taste of what is sure to be a unique culinary experience...Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food, Official website...Type of food: Ethiopian, Address: Bole ... Area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Phone: +251 11 ...Sishu, Official website...

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15 Best Web Host Companies in Ethiopia with Statistics and Price 2023

web hosting companies in ethiopia

Top Ethiopian Web Hosting Company 2023...Most Ethiopian web hosting companies opt for servers located in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. Even though the web hosting business in Ethiopia is still in its infancy, there are companies that deserve to be recognized for their efficiency and dependability. We have prepared the following 15 Ethiopian web host companies in order of their customer base, global rank, respectability, etc...

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Best Restaurants in Addis Ababa and 100 Pictures & Prices of their Food 2023

best restaurants cafes in ethiopia pictures food

Discover and experience the Best Restaurants to eat in - from all around Addis Ababa! ...more and more people are getting used to the food review system and it has helped us compile the following list of the best foods and restaurants in Addis Ababa. As long as you are planning on dining out, you might as well choose one of the best restaurants. The restaurant must offer good service, and have an even better choice of food. When it comes to finding the right place to eat a good meal in a restaurant in Addis Ababa, the options could look daunting...

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13 of the Best Ethiopian Traditional Wedding Clothes for Men & Women in 2023

ethiopian traditional wedding clothes men women

How to Create the Perfect Traditional Ethiopian Wedding Clothes...In Ethiopia, most of the weddings take place after the fasting season known as Abey Tsome...If one lives in Ethiopia, then the go to stop would be a place called Shiro Meda, where most traditional Shemane or weavers have their shops. One would then pick the perfect material/textile, then do the obvious window shopping...The beautiful and vivid colors to choose from, the material, the actual design...

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100 Amazing Modern & Traditional Dress (Habesha Kemis/Kemise) of Ethiopia in 2023

ethiopian traditional clothes habesha kemise

100 Pictures of Ethiopia's Traditional and Cultural Clothes...The most widely spoken and written about piece of traditional clothing belonging to Ethiopia would have to be the 'Habesha Kemise' or the 'dress of the Habesha'. It is usually produced as white, gray, or beige chiffon woman's dress that often falls to the ankles and is worn with a shawl. This is the culturally traditional clothing of the Habesha peoples and it usually has beautifully embroidered borders...

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7 Best & Most Popular Cars/Trucks/Mini-Buses to Buy & Sell in Ethiopia

cars trucks vans in ethiopia

Contrary to popular belief the tax imposed by Ethiopian government officials is not 300%+ but only reaches as high as about 160%, which is for vehicles that have cylinder capacities of 1800 to 3000 cc. Ethiopians are very particular when it comes to buying a vehicle and most often three factors play a big role: how easily it is bought and sold, how reliable it is, and the car's brand image. When it comes to the national brand of choice, Ethiopians have crowned Toyota as king, and this can be witnessed by taking a look at the roads of the country. If a person unwittingly purchases a model or brand that is not commonly known in the country, they will indeed have a difficult time attempting to sell it...

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15 of the Best Real Estate Companies and Developers in Ethiopia

ethiopian real estate companies and developers

Ethiopian real estate companies and developers have bad reputations for not delivering on time and for cost manipulation. While some factors could not be controlled by the developers, it still remains that some untrustworthy souls looking only to enrich themselves at the hands of innocent home buyers have run rampant in the sector. In order to help people choose the right Ethiopian real estate developer, we have created a list we believe to be of some of the best in the industry...

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155 of the Best Ethiopian Proverbs and Wise Sayings in Amharic and English

ethiopian proverbs amharic english

Ethiopian proverbs and wise sayings have been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. They give advice about religion, life, business, love and so much more. They are valuable pieces of wisdom. Most of the Ethiopian proverbs and wise sayings are specific to its culture but in most instances their meaning is universal and useful to anyone, anywhere in the world...

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30 Must Know Facts About The Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church

ethiopian tewahedo orthodox church

It is hard to talk about Ethiopia without mentioning the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church. One is intrinsically tied to the other. Ever since its formation in the 4th century, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has had a major defining role for the people of this ancient nation. Even today, one will bear witness to children as young as 7 years old, walking solemnly into a church yard to bow, kiss the ground, pay homage and humbly exit. Probably no where in today's modern age is religion taken so seriously...

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20 Best Small and Big Business Opportunities in Ethiopia for 2023

ethiopia business opportunity

There are no more excuses for those that want to change theirs and their family's lives through engaging in business. Especially, now with the new reforms taking place by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is tackling large corporations and opening up the door for small to medium traders, producers, and service sector players. Hard work, dedication, and discipline are the only ingredients needed for an average Ethiopian to grow his income and live the life they deserve. We created this list of 20 business opportunities we believe can be useful...

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15 of the Most Interesting African Tribes

african tribes

Throughout various parts of the large and diverse continent that is Africa, there exist tribes that have shown the ability to preserve their unique traditions and cultures. These attributes, though once a source for discrimination are now being viewed as a valuable resource in to learning how life was lived in the past. Some African tribes such as the Dogon have shown that their ancestors were able to accurately read extra solar astronomical entities, while...

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10 of the Most Important People in Ethiopian Politics in 2023

10 most important in ethiopian politics

Throughout the history of country, change in Ethiopian politics has always been preceded by violence on a large scale, either through battles, war, revolution, uprisings, or foreign invasions. The current events taking place in Ethiopia are nothing short of astonishing and unique for a country that has been used to violent overthrows of authority...Women have finally been given powerful roles as leaders in Ethiopia, providing an example for not only Africa but also for the rest of the world. Reforms targeting the inclusion of all of Ethiopia's ethnicities within all positions of the military, government offices, ministries, etc., have created an environment that values hard work as opposed to affiliations of any sort...

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