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Ethiopian Business

Ethiopia is leading the economic growth in one of the most exciting continents in the world. Yet, successfully navigating this complex buisness environment can be an ardous task without the right information on your side.

Ethiopia's multi-faceted culture and history presents many obstacles for growing your business, but recent figures suggest that a period of consolidation has created a modern market.

There are multiple ethnicities and a number of different languages spoken in Ethiopia, which means adopting a certain approach to different regions is crucial.

The Ethiopian business environment is quite informal and the locals can be rather direct in their approach, but the majority of the people are a personable people who have deeply rooted traditions, therefore making it wise to try to build a rapport, as well as, to provide your counterparts with some background information about yourself and your company.

The following list of articles highlight different aspects of businesses in Ethiopia, to help you achieve a measure of success with your Ethiopian business plans.

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