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ETV Live News

ETV News History

ETV News was the first television station in Ethiopia, introduced in 1962 by the government. By 1984, color TV was brought forth in the country.

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In 2008, Ethiopia got its first taste of private broadcasting with the introduction of EBS TV, a satellite TV channel based in the United States and mainly dealing with infotainment (information and entertainment).

Even though ETV News is still popular today, it has to compete with a plethora of channels catering to the news hungry Ethiopian population.

ETV News Audience

Ethiopia, as of this writing, has over 4 million TV households that have ready access to television service and more often than not, to ETV News.

The majority of viewing content was till recently broadcast from a satellite in orbit that also caters to the Middle East and North Africa, mixing international and local content.

Future of ETV News Live

Now there is a deal in the works that will bring together Ethiopian content under one prime TV satellite in orbit.

This means channels such as ETV News, Fana Broadcasting, EBS, Walta TV, Arts TV, Afrihealth, OBS, LTV, Kana, JTV, DWTV, Asham TV, Ahadu TV, Ministry of Education and Nahoo TV will be able to increase their viewership, creating a healthy advertising target scheme.

Furthermore, a separate agreement, the Ethiopian public and regional channels including ETV News, ETV Entertainment, ETV Languages, OBN TV, Tigray TV, South TV and Amhara TV, which are spearheaded by the government broadcaster EBC, will also be distributed via this Ethiopian-dedicated TV orbital neighborhood, which will broadcast mainly in high-definition (HD), prompting a new level of viewing experience to Ethiopian audiences.