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Culture and Tradition in Ethiopia


Ethiopia has about 70 languages!

The official language is Amharic, but Oromigna, Somaligna, Tigringna, Sidamigna, Wolayttegna and Guragegna are also widely spoken.

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Ethiopia has its own unique alphabet, built uopn the ancient language of Geez

Nowadays, Geez is commonly used by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. However, the alphabets of Geez, with some minor adjustments are used by the following languages in Ethiopia: Amharic, Tigrigna, Guragigna, and Aderigna.

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The Unique Ethiopian Calendar

The Ethiopian Calendar is calculated along the basis of solar movements and is considered a solar calendar. It differs from other calendars in the number of years, division of the year in to seasons and months, and the system of counting hours.

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Coffee Ceremony

Coffee is widely consumed in a traditional way among Ethiopians

Coffee was first identified in the Ethiopian region then called "Kaffa". The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony has the people take their seats around a bed of grass, whilst the lady preparing the coffee sits in the center on a stool dressed in white colored, and woven traditional clothing.

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Traditional and Modern Ethiopian Music

Traditional Ethiopian musical instruments include: kirar, masinko, washint, and kebero. You can experience these instruments live in an entertaining fashion at Azmari Bets or traditional clubs. Tilahun Gessesse, Mahamud Amed, Aster Aweke, and Teddy Afro are some well known artists of the modern era.

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