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OBN TV Oromia Live News

OBN TV or Oromia Broadcasting Network TV is an Ethiopian regional public service broadcaster based in Oromia’s capital city of Adama.

It is considered the main media organization of the Oromia Region, and uses the satellites, Eutelsat via the Ethiosat to broadcast.

OBN TV Oromia News History

OBN TV is operated and run by the ORTO or Oromia Radio and Television Organization which was formed in 2006.

The company was later renamed to Oromia Radio and TV Organization, which saw the Dr. Abiy Ahmed, as a board member of the organization that operates OBN before assuming the office of Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

By 2018 the president of the Oromia Region, Lemma Megersa, promised to defend the neutrality of the government operated OBN TV, among others.

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OBN TV Oromia News Programs

OBN TV is primarily a news channel catering to the Oromia region, but also covers news from the national and international levels.

While the majority of broadcasts are in Afaan Oromo language, there are programs in Amharic and English.