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Fana TV is an Ethiopian television (satellite) channel owned by the government run FBC or Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

They began operations in 2017, with their studios situated in the capital city of Addis Ababa, at their headquarters of FBC.

Fana TV is an Amharic language TV station and in 2021, they became the largest TV network comprising of the most news journalists spread out all over Ethiopia.

Fana TV History

Fana TV started regular programming via the satellite frequencies of Eutelsat and Ethiosat.

They became the most watched Ethiopian TV channel from their reliable news broadcasts, TV shows (series) and reality TV shows.

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Fana TV began through EthioSat in 2017, and by 2018, Fana TV joined South African DStv (Digital Satellite Television) to make the channel widely available throughout Africa.

They would go on to sign an agreement with Ethiopian internet provider Websprix, who launched the first IPTV in Ethiopia, in which Fana TV is now available.

Fana TV Programming

Fana TV News

Fana Kelemat (ፋና ቀለማት)

Alem Shemach (ዓለም ሸማች)

Fana 90 (ፋና 90)

Fana Zena (ፋና ዜና)

Fana TV Entertainment

Geordana’s Kichen Show (ጆርዳና ኩሽና ሾው)

Tibeb Befana (ጥበብ በፋና)

Fana TV Drama/Sitcoms

Zetenegnaw Shi (ዘጠነኛው ሺህ)

Ethiopian Survivor

Tireta (ትርታ)

Min Letazez (ምን ልታዘዝ?)