ARTS TV Live Streaming Ethiopia Today


ARTS TV stands for African Renaissance Television Services and is an Ethiopian news and entertainment, TV channel based in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

The channel was produced to offer Ethiopians a neutral television station without any political party affiliations.

ARTS TV also aims to promote and take a deeper look into African’s culture, history, arts, politics, and news.

The channel is mainly in Amharic, with their studios being in Addis Ababa but having support from its subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois, US.

ARTS TV History

ARTS TV was established in 2016 by 22 noteworthy Ethiopians, including the likes of world-famous athletes, celebrities, educators, physicians, attorneys, and international CEOs.

The channels TV productions are also available on its website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. ARTS TV's social media handle is ArtsTV World.

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