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List of Ethiopian Wars

abyssinian adal war

Abyssinian-Adal War

The Abyssinians and the Adalites in the process of the war exhausted their resources and manpower, which resulted in the contraction of both powers and changed regional dynamics for centuries to come. Many historians trace the origins of hostility between Somalia and Ethiopia to this war....

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zemena mesafint war

Zemene Mesafint War

The Zemene Mesafint, which in a span of eighty-six years saw twenty-three emperors occupy the throne came to an end with the rise of Kassa Hailu or better known by his later throne name of Tewodros II of Ethiopia....

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abyssinia british war

Abyssinia-British War

The Abyssinia-British War was not an expansionist war but a rescue mission as the powerful Emperor Tewodros II was holding European hostages. In 1862, he sent a letter to Queen Victoria requesting British weapons and military experts...

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ethiopian egyptian war

Ethiopian-Egyptian War

The Egyptians invaded from their coastal possessions in what is now Eritrea. The armies of Yohannes and Isma'il met at Gundat on the morning of 16 November 1875. The Egyptians were vastly outnumbered and ...

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ethiopian mahdist war

Ethiopian-Mahdist War

As the Emperor was heavily engaged with the Egyptians, the Prince Tekle Haimanot of Gojam took up an army and fought the Sudanese Mahadists. He would be joined by....

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battle of dogali

Battle of Dogali (precursor)

The 500 Italians were no match against the 7,000 Ethiopians, and nearly all were killed, except for about eighty men who were able to escape unnoticed by the Ethiopians and were... Read More

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