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Cassation over Cassation and its Challenges in Ethiopia

2015-10-29 Download

Criminalization of 'Possession of Unexplained Property' and the Fight against Public Corruption: Identifying the Elements of the Offence under the Criminal Code of Ethiopia

2015-01-22 Download

Rethinking Ethiopia's Bilateral Investment Treaties in light of Recent Developments in International Investment Arbitration

2015-01-22 Download

Burdens and Standards of Proof in Possession of Unexplained Property Prosecutions

2015-01-22 Download

Comments on FAO's Achievements toward a Public Domain in Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

2014-09-29 Download

Locating big laws in small places: a review

2014-02-04 Download

The right of minorities to political participation under the Ethiopian electoral system

2014-02-04 Download

Eritrea-Ethiopia Arbitration: A 'Cure' Based on Neither Diagnosis nor Prognosis

2013-03-14 Download

The Principle of the Presumption of Innocence and its Challenges in the Ethiopian Criminal Process

2015-01-22 Download

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