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Ethiopia has been called a rich cultural assortment due to its eighty different languages and as many, if not more, cultural differences.

In the north and centre of the country, exist a variety of Semitic languages, such as; Tigrigna, Guragigna and the official national language, Amharic.

These languages came forth from the ancient language of Ge'ez which is today only used by the Church.

To the east and parts of the south are the Oromos, the Afars and the Somalis, who are Cushitic-speaking peoples, while the associated Sidama languages are spoken to the south-east.

To the west and south-west are the Nilotic peoples, each with its own distinctive language and culture.

Elsewhere around the country there are a number of smaller communities who cultures, languages and traditions are related to different facets of Ethiopia's long history.

Here you will find some phrases and terms you might find useful while travelling around Ethiopia:

Amhara Language

Oromo Language

Tigre Language

Gurage Language

Wolayta Language