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Historical Figures of Ethiopia - Emperors, Queens, Heroes

king kaleb

Emperor Kaleb

The emperors of Ethiopia were, at this time, also enjoying sovereignty over vast regions in southwestern Yemen. Since this area was also tributary to the emperors, it was in their best interest to keep the rather distant under check.

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queen gudit of ethiopia

Queen Yodit or Judith

Known in Amharic as 'Esato and in Teltal as Ga'Ewa, was a rebel leader to whom the downfall of the ancient Aksumite Empire is traditionally ascribed.

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king lalibela

King Lalibela

Gebre Mesqel Lalibela was a great king of the Zagwe dynasty whose reign lasted forty years, spanning the end of the 12th century and the opening decades of the 13th. According to a well-known fable, a..

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abdisa aga

Colonel Abdissa Aga

Colonel Abdissa Aga was born in Welega, Oromia. His father lost his temper and killed his own brother when Abdissa was about 12 years old. Though he went as far as Addis Ababa to appeal for the release of his father, he was...

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king ezana

King Ezana

Ezana was a prominent ruler of the Kingdom of Axum in the 4th century A.D. He was born with the name Abreha and had a...

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king zara yaqob

King Zara Yaqob

The 15th-century king of the Solomonic dynasty left a starkly different legacy than his recent predecessor Amda Seyon I. Zara Yaqob was an embarrassment on the... Read More

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