7 of the Best Business Consultants in Ethiopia 2022

business consultants in ethiopia

Some of the Best Business Consultants in Ethiopia

If you are curious about doing business in Ethiopia and have little to no knowledge about the risks and opportunities awaiting you, then finding the right business consultant is the wisest option.

Business consultants in Ethiopia can provide you and your company with valuable insight, unbiased analyses and specialized support for virtually all areas of your new or existing business.

From business system optimization to the subtleties of doing business in a country you have little knowledge about, consultants can make the road to success a lot easier.

As all businesses are different, one may need project management oversight or a vastly different type of business management consulting expertise.

Either way, it always makes sense to contract or hire outside help when you are facing an issue you have not handled before.

This could be the difference between failure and seeing a massive return on your investment when you get the right business consultants in Ethiopia to handle your current situation.

Contrary to popular belief, business consultants do not only facilitate projects but they also handle a plethora of challenges facing your new or existing business.

You could consider the business consultants in Ethiopia as any other temporary employees that provide you with the benefit of their local knowledge and specialized skills without you having to employ them fulltime.

Business consultants offer valuable skills obtained through working with many companies across an industry.

But when considering your business consulting options in Ethiopia, you have to know the market.

There are a huge variety of business consulting firms within Ethiopia, willing to offer their advice, but which is the right one for you?

Large consulting firms may offer many services or specialize in one of the many different types of businesses; while independent consultants can offer a more specialized and focused service but could lack the resources of larger competitors.

We have prepared the following list of the best business consultants in Ethiopia that should help you find the right firm.

1. JAD Business and Investment Consulting PLC

Development, Business, Marketing, Finance/Investment Sectors, Tax, etc.

jad business and investing consulting best consultants in ethiopia

Established in 2017, JAD Business and Investment Consulting PLC, has grown to become a leader in the sector of consultancy in Ethiopia. They have a proven track record of executing various consultancy service assignments on business, investment, marketing, finance, and development works.

JAD Business and Investment Consulting is a client focused business and investment management company that is devoted to consistently delivering professional service and sustainable financial rewards to their clients. JAD offers a full range of financial services, providing their clients with the comfort and convenience of having their business affairs conducted all under one roof.

JAD Consulting services include:

* Investment & Business Services

* Marketing

* Development Works

* Tax Services

* Finance Services

* B2B, B2G and Delegating

* Startup Consultancy and more...

Having worked with world class companies such as Ethiopian Airlines, Zemen Bank, Addis International Bank, Abay Bank and more, it is no wonder why this consultancy firm deserves a spot on the list of the best business consultants in Ethiopia.


Main Office Address: Around AAU School of Commerce, Next to Tele Bar, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, P.O. Box 42579

Telephone/Fax: +251 929 188 662/ +251 991 332 020 / +251 912 178 016 / +251 118 314 614

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

Official Website: https://jadconsulting.com.et

2. First Consult

Development, Business, HR, and Finance/Investment Sectors

ethiopian business consultants first consult

First Consult specializes in delivering effective and business-oriented solutions to the development, business, HR, and finance/investment sectors.

Their team is structured as a partnership between leading consultants across many sectors locally and globally.

First Consult has handled many projects, some of which include: Capital Link, Agrivest, Ethiopian Financial Inclusion, Private Enterprise Program in Ethiopia, and Investment Opportunities in Livestock Sector.

Some of the major organizations and companies that First Consult has worked with include the following: UK Aid, Bank of Abyssinia, Incluvest, Triodos Facet, The World Bank, and International Growth Center.

With over fifteen years in the business and the completion of over 75 major projects, First Consult is definitely one of the leading business consultants in Ethiopia.


Main Office Address: EthioChina Road, 6th Floor, KT12 Building, Addis Ababa

Telephone/Fax: +251(0) 114 401 473 / +251(0) 114 403 649

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://firstconsultet.com/

3. Gasha Consulting

Management, IT, Printing & Imaging Solutions, Web Hosting, Attendance Systems

ethiopian business consultants gasha consulting

Gasha Consulting is another business consultancy firm in Ethiopia with a major global reach.

Their group of consultants include those from Ethiopia, the US, and Europe.

Currently, their clients are mostly 70% Ethiopian with the remainder 30% being made up of clients from the US, Germany, South Korea, Italy, and Turkey.

Furthermore, 60% of their foreign business is made up of European companies.


Main Office Address: Kirkos Subcity, Wereda 3, Wello Sefer, Near Wengalwit Hintsa, Addis Ababa

Telephone/Mobile: +251-944-136472

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://gashaconsulting.com/

4. Multilink Consulting

Investment, Feasibility Studies, Company Incorporation

ethiopian business consultants multilink consultants

Multilink Consulting is more focused on easing the challenges faced by investors in Ethiopia.

From idea conception and development to conducting due diligence to executing business plans all the way through to driving productivity and growth, Multilink Consulting claims to be a "one stop shop".

Interestingly enough, most of Multilink's major clients have been breweries such as, Heineken, Dashen Brewery, Bedele Brewery, Raya Beer, Harar Beer, and Raya Beer.


Samsonn Tsedeke, Managing Director

Telephone/Mobile: +251-911-207364

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: https://multilinkconsult.com/

5. Abamela Consulting Plc.

Social Development Oriented

ethiopian business consultants abamela business

Abamela Consulting varies from the above firms in that they primarily only focus on social development research and consulting.

Since their incorporation in 2006, Abamela has been working with clients to support and nurture the spirit of trust and interdependence that helps organizations create meaningful results.

Abamela has worked with various international and local non-governmental organizations, as well as with private companies in Ethiopia.

Some of their well known clientele include: World Vision Ethiopia, Population media Center Ethiopia, Pathfinder International, Plan International Ethiopia, Goal Ethiopia, Save the Children Ethiopia, Health Limited Ethiopia, Marie Stopes Ethiopia, DKT Ethiopia among many more.


Office Address: Oromiya Wildlife and Forest Enterprise Building, 1st Floor, Room 103

P. O. Box: 55190, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone/Mobile: +251 11 111 0537 / 0614 / +251 930 013075

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.abamelaconsulting.org/

ethiopian business consultants

6. Precise Consult International

Finance, Investment, Business Intelligence, Designing and Implementation

ethiopian business consultants precise consultancy

Since 2007, Precise Consult International is a firm that focuses more on finance, investment, business intelligence, and the design and implementation of private sector projects.

With over twenty five in house staff and a plethora of seasoned experts in the fields of finance, agricultural development, strategic development and leadership training, Precise Consult has put in place a staff ready to get to work.


Main Office Address: 10th Floor, Abyssinia Building, Next to Bole Medhanialem, Addis Ababa

Telephone/Mobile: +251 11 663 1080

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://preciseethiopia.com/

7. Target Business Consultants

Business Processes Outsourcing Service Provider

ethiopian business consultants target business consultants

Target Business Consultants is a firm that is primarily focused on BPO or Business Processes Outsourcing.

They have extensive experience in the industry and have worked with large companies and organizations such as the UNHCR, UNDP, Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Chemonics, GOPA GmBH, and more.

Target Business Consultants have a team of professionals that are well versed in Ethiopian business and mostly focus on custom tailoring a business model for each client in order to develop an HR or Human Resource system that is based on the specifics of the workforce and business needs.

Good practices, legal contexts and norms are also additional aspects that Target can help a company operating in Ethiopia with.


Main Office Address: On Bole Road inside Friendship Business Center Building, 7th Floor, Addis Ababa

Telephone/Mobile: +251116636645 / +251911211989

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Official Website: https://targetethiopia.com/