Best Ethiopian Lawyers in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

best ethiopian lawyers in washington dc maryland virginia

Top Ethiopian Attorneys in DC, MD, and VA

The areas of law the following top Ethiopian lawyers practice in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia serve one integrated purpose: obtaining justice, supporting your cause, and vindication of your civil rights.

You can find Amharic speaking attorneys in Virginia, DC, and Maryland to fight for your cause.

Whether you have experienced workplace discrimination, have been wrongfully discharged, or need to talk to an attorney about your immigration or employment rights, the following law firms will leverage their broad legal know how and help you achieve your goals.

Most of these firms are bilingual Ethiopian law firms, eager to fight for the legal rights of the Ethiopian language-speaking community and combat cases of discrimination against immigrants, among other causes.

With years of litigation experience in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland courts, these Ethiopian lawyers will use their legal and negotiating skills to work with you to find effective solutions for your needs.

The Ethiopian lawyers' directory contains those who have earned the respect of judges and adversaries and are confident that they will represent your best interest, inside and outside the courtroom.

The following list is composed of full-service Ethiopian personal injury/criminal defense and investment law firms in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. As well as, immigration lawyer Ethiopia...

List of Ethiopian Lawyers in DC, MD, VA

Law Office of Sahlu Mikael

Address: 1012 14th St. NW, Suite 203,

Washington D.C. 20005

Tel: (202) 393-5135

Fax: (202) 393-5134


Practice areas: Ethiopian Immigration Law, Ethiopian Auto Accident Law

The Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael provides immigration services in the Washington D.C. area, and internationally. They are one of the top rated Washington D.C. immigration attorney's for Ethiopians.

Aseged Yimer and Associates Law Offices

Address: 817 Silver Spring Ave Suite 106,

Silver Spring MD 20910 USA

Tel: 301-588-2069

Fax: 1-866-280-9639

Practice areas: Ethiopian Personal Injury Law, Ethiopian Immigration Law, Ethiopian Family Law, Ethiopian Investment Law and Ethiopian Corporate Law

Law Office of Thomas Hailu

Address: 4609-H Pinecrest Office Park Dr.,

Alexandria, VA 22312 USA

Tel: (703) 807-0780


The law offices of Thomas Hailu, Plc., is a general practice law firm, offering legal representation and assistance to the needs of clients with focus on personal injury, criminal and immigration areas in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our main office is in Annandale, Virginia.

Law Offices of Meles and Associates

Address: 3617 14TH St. NW.,

Washington DC USA

Tel: (202) 545-0009

Law Offices of Seife Lemma

Address: 1628 11th St. NW Suite 408,

Washington DC USA

Tel: (703) 565-4771

Aragaw Mehari Law

Address: 1010 Vermont N.W., Suite 618,

Washington D.C. 20005 USA

Tel: (202) 637-0228

Fax: (202) 637-4827

Mikre Ayele Law

Address: 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite #700,

Arlington, VA 22201 USA

Tel: (703) 841-0439

Law Offices of Sahlu Mikael

Address: 4000 Albemarle St. NW #404,

Washington, DC 20016 USA

Tel: (202) 393-5135

Fayad and Associates

Address: 5657 Colombia Pike. Suite 101,

Fallschurch, VA USA

Tel: (703) 998 5390 / (804) 249-4747

Law Office of Betty Alemseged

Address: 12585 Quantrell Avenue,

Arlington, VA 22312 USA

Tel: (703) 563-7909

Law Offices of Zewdu Alem Derseh

Address: 8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 608,

Silver Spring, MD USA

Tel: 301 608-1133

Law Offices of Berhan Dargay

Address: 1115 U Street NW Suite 203,

Washington, DC USA

Tel: (202) 498-6143

Law Offices of Fekadeselassie Kidane Mariam

Address: 7826 Eastern Ave. NW; LL14,

Washington, DC USA

Tel: (202) 722-0015

Cell Phone: (301) 385-9300

Law Offices of Kebere Assefa

Address: 3132 N. 10th Street, Suite 204,

Arlington, VA USA

Tel: (703) 243-7246

Law Office of Alan Gudeta

Address: 817 Silver Spring Avenue, Suite 204,

Silverspring, MD USA

Tel: (301) 920-6161 / (301)585-1908

Law Office of Temesgen Tekka

Address: 901 S. Highland St. # 318,

Arlington, VA USA

Tel: (703) 271-6099

ILBSG Law Offices

Address: 3007 Tilden St., NW Suite 4M-500,

Washington DC, USA

Tel: 202 271-0562