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Historical Figures of Ethiopia - Emperors, Ras, Amir

emperor tewodros

Emperor Tewodros II

He was one of Ethiopia's most notable emperors, being revered by modern Ethiopians as the first modern leader and the man who unified the various kingdoms into one empire. Tewodros had a vision of....

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queen sheba, makeda image credit:

Queen of Sheba aka Makeda

The story of the Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon appears in the Bible, the Qur'ran, and other sacred and ancient books. There are different versions of it in Coptic, Kenyan, and Persian legends and the narrative may have originated in Jewish tradition. The fullest account, however...

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ras alula, abba nega image credit:

Ras Alula Abba Nega

Ras Alula, the emperor's chief commander, attacked the Italians and chased them away from the two cities..

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emperor haile selassie image credit:

Emperor Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie led Ethiopia through the twentieth century, becoming the most iconic leader the country has ever known in the course of his career. Selassie's story is rich and spans many ...

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amir abdulahi harar

Amir Abdullahi

The Amir was the last independent ruler of Harar (1885-1887) before it's fall to the Shewa Kingdom...

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king kawo tona gaga

Kawo (King) Tona Gaga

He lays claim as being the last king of the Kingdom of Wolayta. Many believe he was one of the most skilled warriors and the most powerful king of Wolayta. His army defeated King Menelik's forces six times before losing to the combined force of Menelik and Aba Jafar in 1896.... Read More