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Historical Figures of Ethiopia - Kings, Queens, Heroes

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Abba Jiffar II

He was the Muslim ruler of Jimma (1875 - 1934) who led his kingdom under the supremacy of the Ethiopian Empire...

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negus mikael

Mohammed Ali aka Negus Mikael

Mohammed Ali of Wello converted to Christianity and became Negus Mikael. Lij Eyyasu was his son and succeeded Menilik II as ruler of Ethiopia. He tried to reconcile his Muslim compatriots...

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Emperor Menilik II

Menelik developed strong diplomatic ties with other countries, especially Russia, greatly expanded and solidified his empire, and turned Ethiopia into a modern nation. He moved the capital to Addis Ababa in.....

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amda seyon

Emperor Amda Seyon

Through his military campaigns, he came to dominate the Horn of Africa in the 14th century. Seyon prepared for his conquests by revolutionizing the imperial army shortly after he came to power. He organized it into....

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Empress Mentewab

From the seat of government in Gondar, Mentewab wielded considerable influence in all corners of the empire. Her power is made clear in the opulent additions to the Royal Enclosure at Gondar built under her direction: her own castle, a lavish banqueting....

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emperor fasilides

Emperor Fasilides

A powerful emperor of the Solomonic dynasty who ruled in the 17th century, Fasilides took the throne name 'Alam Sagad, meaning "he to whom the world bows." The Ethiopian Orthodox Church throve during Fasilides' reign. He restored.... Read More