Find all you need to know about the different foods and recipes of Ethiopia. Furthermore, learn to make your favorite Ethiopian foods by selecting the right one for you and following the easy to do instructions. Ethiopian Recipes - Ethiopian food...

Ethiopian Recipe

Buticha - Ethiopian Chickpea Porridge

Key Sega Wot - Ethiopian Red Beef Stew

Yesuf Fitfit - Ethiopian Sunflower Seeds Sauce with Enjera

Injera/Enjera - Ethiopian Sourdough Teff Bread

Yebeg Alicha - Ethiopian Mild Lamb Stew

Zilzil Tibbs or Zelzel Tibs - Ethiopian Braised Beef Tenderloin

Tibs - Ethiopian Meat Pieces Fried by Skillet

Kinche - Ethiopian Cracked Wheat

Genfo - Ethiopian Porridge