Food and Drink in Ethiopia

food and drink in ethiopia

Ethiopian Food and Drink

Ethiopia with is long history of tradition and culture seems to have developed its cuisine in isolation from cultures surrounding it.

The difference is evitable when compared to other African and Middle Eastern palates.

The following is a list of common meals, drinks, etc.:

Ethiopian Drinks


Tej is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey.

ethiopian food drink tej honey mead

Tej Recipe


Tella also known as "filter", is a beer made from barley.

ethiopian food drink tella beer

Tella Recipe


Katikala also known as "areke", is an alcoholic drink made from pure grain.

ethiopian food drink katikala areke


Besso is roasted barley that is ground and made into a non-alcoholic drink.

ethiopian food drink besso barley drink

Ethiopian Foods


Enjera is a sourdough bread made from teff and widely used in most dishes.

enjera, ethiopian sourdough bread

Enjera Recipe


Miser is a curry made from lentils.

misir wot

Misir Wot Recipe


Shiro is a puree made from chickpeas.

shiro wot

Shiro Recipe

Doro Wot:

Doro Wot is a chicken stew with boiled eggs.

doro wot

Doro Wot Recipe


Aybe is cottage cheese made from sheep's milk.

ethiopian food drink aybe cottage cheese

Shiro Recipe