Calendar in Ethiopia

ethiopian calendar

Ethiopian Calendar

Everything You Need to Know About the Ethiopian Calendar

Ethiopian Month/Gregorian Month/Gregorian Equivalent Dates

Meskerem (month 1)/September (month 9)/September 11 - October 10 (begins September 12, during leap years)

Tikimt (month 2)/Ocober (month 10)/October 11 - November 9

Hidar (month 3) /November (month 11)/November 10 - December 9

Tahsas (month 4)/December (month 12)/December 10 - January 8

Tir (month 5) /January (month 1)/January 9 - February 7

Yakatit (month 6)/February (month 2)/February 8 - March 9

Magabit (month 7)/March (month 3)/March 10 - April 8

Miyazya (month 8)/April (month 4)/April 9 - May 8

Ginbot (month 9)/May (month 5)/May 9 - June 7

Sene (month 10) /June (month 6)/June 8 - July 7

Hamle (month 11)/July (month 7)/July 8 - August 6

Nehasa (month 12)/August (month 8)/August 7 - September 5

Pagumiene (month 13)/September 6 - September 10 (ends September 11, during leap years)

The Julian, Gregorian, Coptic and Ethiopian calendars have the same number of days in a year, (365 days and 366 days in a leap year), but the counting methods giving the number of days in each month, and number of months in a year, of the Julian and Gregorian calendars vary from the Ethiopian and Egyptian Coptic calendars.

The Ethiopian and Coptic calendars consist of thirteen months where the first twelve months have thirty days each, and the last (thirteenth) month has only five days (six days in a leap year).

The Gregorian calendar consists of twelve months with January, March, May, July, August, October and December having thirty one days, April, June, September and November, thirty days and February having twenty eight days (twenty nine days in a leap year).

The Ethiopian New Year falls on September 11 (September 12 in the leap year) in the Gregorian calendar but it is September 1 in the Ethiopian calendar.

In Ethiopia the first month of the year is September and the last (thirteenth) month of the year is Puagme, which comes after August.

Each month has thirty days (from September to August) and the thirteenth month, Puagme, has only five days (6 days in a leap year).