Enjera/Injera - Ethiopian Bread

enjera ethiopian food recipe

Ethiopian Enjera/Injera

Ethiopian Bread/Flat bread Made from Teff

A Simple and Easy to Use Recipe for Ethioipian Bread

Traditional Ethiopian food is famous for hot spicy food served on top of soft pancake-like bread called injera, which is a form of Ethiopian bread.

True injera is made from a very nutritious grain called teff.

Unfortunately, it is hard to make the perfect Injera at the first attempt.

There are a number of different recipes to make injera and none have a solid formula.

A number of factors can alter the quality of injera such as the temperature of the grill, the type of grill (mitad), the temperature of the dough during fermentation, quality of the flour, ways of mixing the dough, etc.

The Ethiopian bread needs care when it is being made.

Measurements and Ingredients

5 pounds self rising flour

1 pound teff

1 pound corn flour

1/2 gallon water (till medium thickness)

Preparation Method

Add all ingredients in large bowl and mix thoroughly by hand.

Let it ferment over night (24 hours) in room temperature.

Heat a flat round or square grill (Mitad) to 400 degrees.

Remix the dough; if too thick add more water till dough is runny (medium thickness).

Pour dough on grill in rotating motion. Let cook approx. 30 sec - 1 min. and remove by grabbing one end with both hands.

Let cool to room temperature before serving. If you see the eyes and it feels spongy, then you have your perfect Ethiopian bread