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Ethiopian Languages - Amharic

Ethiopian Languages - Amharic

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e': as in the 'a' in halo

ai: like gait

ie: like lie

o': in between the 'oa' in boat and 'au' in haul.

g: like the 'g' in gail

kw: like 'q' in quick

ny: like the 'ni' in onion

ethiopian amharic alphabets Ethiopian Amharic Alphabets

Common Phrases and Useful Words in Amharic

Hello. (formal) Tena yistilign.

Hello. (informal) Selam.

Hello. (informal between friends) Halo.

How are you? (respectful to elder) Dehina newot?

How are you (informal, to a man) Endemin-neh?

How are you (informal, to a woman) Endemin-nesh?

Fine, thank you. Dehna negn.

What is your name? (to a man) Simeh man naw?

What is your name? (to a woman) Simish man naw?

My name is ______ . Sime ______ yibalal.

Pleased to meet you. siletewaweqin dess belognal.

Please. Ebakih. (to a man)

Please. Ebakish. (to a woman)

Thank you (very much). (Betam) ahmesugenalew.

You're welcome. Minem Aydelem. (meaning 'no problem' )

Yes. awo.

No. aye; aydelem.

OK. ishi

Excuse me. (getting attention) Yiqirta.

Excuse me. Do you have a minute Yiqirta, anda gazay

Excuse me. (begging pardon) Yiqirta.

I'm sorry. Yiqirta.

I don't understand. Algebinem.

Goodbye Dehna hun. (to a man)

Goodbye Dehna hugni. (to a woman)

Goodbye (informal) Ciao. (Taken from Italian)

I can't speak name of language [well]. Amarinya alchillim.

Do you speak English? Englizegna tichilaleh? (to a man)

Do you speak English? Englizegna tichiyalesh? (to a woman)

Is there someone here who speaks English? Englizegna michel sew aleh/alew?

Help! 'erdata! ( erdu'y )

I'm sick. AhMOINyal. tam'malhu

Good morning. Dehna aderk (to a young man): Dehna aderu (Elderly man/ more formal)

Good morning. Dehna adersh (to a woman):Dehna aderu (Elderly woman/ more formal)

Good morning. Dehna aderachu ( more than one person)

Good evening. ( melkam meshe't ( for one and more than one persons )

Good night. Dehna der.(to a man)

Good night. Dehna deree (to a woman)

I don't understand. Algebagnem.

Where is the toilet? Shintabet yet new?


Leave me alone. tewugn or likekugn

Don't touch me! atinkagn (M), atinkign (F)

I'll call the police. police etaralew!

I need your help. erdagn (M) erjign (F)

Medical emergency AsCHekuway Hikimina

I'm lost. tefaw

I lost my bag/suitcase. sahantaye tefa

I lost my wallet. borsaye tefa

I'm sick. amognial

I've been injured. tegodichalew

I need a doctor. hakim efelgalew

Can I use your phone? silkihin ande litekem?(M): siljishin ande litekem?(F)


Where is the.?:

Airport: awroplan marefiyaw

Bus station: awtoboos tabiyaw

City centre: mehal ketemaw

Train station: babur tabiyaw

What time does the________arrive/leave?: ________mechea yidersal/yinesal?

Boat: jelba

Bus: awtoboos

Car: mekina

Train: babur

Around Town

Where is a/the.?: ____________ yeat no?

How do I get to.?: wede___________e'ndeat e'headallo'?

Bank: bank

Hotel: hotel

Market: gebya

Post office: posta beat

ethiopian amharic alphabets Ethiopian Amharic Alphabets


Breakfast: kurs

Lunch: me'sa

Dinner: e'rat

Bread: dabbo

Salad: selata

Soup: merek

Water: wuha

Milk: wetet

Tea: shai

Coffee: buna

Sugar: se'kuar


1: ande

2: hulett

3: sost

4: arat

5: ame'st

6: se'de'st

7: sebat

8: se'me'nt

9: zetegn

10: asse'r

10 = Aser

11 = Asra-and

12 = Asra-hoolet

20 = Haya

21 = Haya-and

30 = Selasa

40 = Arba

50 = Hamsa

60 = Silsa

70 = Seba

80 = Semanya

90 = ZeTena

100 = Meto

200 = Hoolet-meto

300 = Sost-meto

1000 = Shee

2000 = Hoolet-shee

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