Cell/Mobile Internet in Ethiopia

ethio telecom mobile in ethiopia

Ethiopian Cell/Mobile Internet

All You Need to Know About Ethiopian Mobile and Cell Phone Intenet

***Update: Ethio Telecom has announced a discount on all services for up to 50%.

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Mobile Internet Package

Mobile Internet enables your mobile phone, tablet or mobile broadband modem to access the Internet while you are moving.


Ethio mobile internet service is available in 2G, 3G & 4G LTE options. You can get the service either in pay as you go or package mode with Daily, Weekly & Monthly options.

Benefits of the Service

Convenient to Browse Internet on the move.

Affordable tailor made packages designed based on your needs.

24/7 Internet service on your mobile/tablet.

Mobile Internet packages:

Ethio presents different mobile internet packages based on its customers' needs

Ethio Mobile Internet Packages

ethio telecom mobile package in ethiopia

All prices are VAT inclusive.

Steps on how to purchase?

Use the following steps to buy mobile internet packages

Dial *999# → enter 1 for package offer → enter 1 for yourself → enter 2 for internet package → package type (enter 1 for daily, 2 for weekly & 3 for monthly) → then select your preferable package offer.

Terms & Conditions

Both prepaid & postpaid customers can subscribe the service.

Customer can subscribe particular package repeatedly.

Prepaid customers are expected to have sufficient balance to buy the package.

For Postpaid customers the package price will be added on their monthly bill.

All 2G, 3G and 4G customers can purchase/send gift/receive gift of all package types.

Unused amount in the package will expire at the end of the validity period.

Out of package usage will be charged with birr 0.35/MB.

3G Internet Package

Ethio Telecoms 3G internet Package service is a tailor-made mobile broadband Internet service.

The package is designed to meet both demand of residential and enterprise customers.

Ethio 3G Internet Package

3g internet package in ethiopia

Benefits of the Service

High speed broadband Internet

Flexible and affordable packages

You can upgrade/downgrade at any time based on your needs

Where can I find the service?

The service is for now available in Addis Ababa; shortly it will be started in regional main cities.

You can buy the service from any ethio telecom shop in Addis with dongle for only Birr 699 or with Wi-Fi router for only Birr 1,589.

If you have your own dongle or Wi-Fi router you will only pay Birr 60 for subscription.

EVDO Packages

EVDO is a Broadband mobile Internet service with high speed using CDMA technology.

The service works wherever CDMA network is available.

The service is available in Addis Ababa and more than 200 cities and town throughout the country.

It is provided in three alternative packages: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Benefits of the service

Mobile - Enjoy browsing the web wherever you are.

Easy configuration i.e Plug & Play

Easy to handle.

You can choose the packages based on your usage plan.

You can upgrade/downgrade at any time based on your needs.

You will only pay for what you have subscribed.


The Price does not include EVDO Modem fee.

The Modem fee bundled with EVDO service is Birr 739.


CDMA 1x service is a wireless Internet service given through a RUIM card. It supports packet data speeds of up to 153 Kbps with real world data transmission averaging 60 to 100 kbps in most areas.

You can buy the RUIM card from any Ethio telecom shop.

You can get it both in postpaid and prepaid options.


You need to regularly recharge it with recharge scratchable cards.

You recharge to get the service whenever your balance is exhausted.

Each recharge balance has a denomination validity period.

Benefits of the Service

Mobile: It enables you enjoy browsing the web wherever you are.

Ease configuration i.e. Plug & Play.

Easy to handle.

The RUIM can be used for voice service as well.

Flexible: You can recharge it whenever your balance is exhausted.


Postpaid customers are billed at the end of each month based on their usage.

Benefits of the Service

Mobile: It enables you enjoy browsing the web wherever you are.

Ease configuration i.e. Plug & Play.

Easy to handle.

The RUIM can be used for voice service as well.

Stay connected anytime and anywhere.

Other Services - ISP Services

Domain name

Web hosting

Public IP address


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