15 Best & Free WiFi Hotspots in Ethiopia with Ethio Telecom

ethio telecom logo wifi and hand held clear smartphone

Ethiopians reliant on Ethio Telecom WiFi Hotspots

In 2024, while internet prices around the world have decreased, Ethiopians are still forced to bear higher prices.

But now thanks to the emergence and spread of Ethio Telecom's WiFi routers and fair prices, users are now able to surf the web comfortably without the stress of counting data.

Users are given the choice to have the connection installed in their homes, offices, or businesses.

Furthermore, Wifi Hotspots in Ethiopia are on the rise, with hotels, cafes, and even businesses offering free WiFi to attract potential customers.

Free WiFi connections around town make getting online increasingly easier for people on the move.

We can call this the WiFi revolution in Ethiopia; the sight of people bent over laptops, browsing the web, or writing e-mails has become increasingly common in hotels, bars, cafes, and airports.

Some enterprising youths also find themselves sitting outside fenced-in businesses just to get a signal from the free WiFi inside.

We have now taken the initiative to make it easier for those looking for a comfortable setting and a fast WiFi connection by offering a list of 15 of the best and free WiFi hotspots in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2024.

1. Hilton Hotel

lobby of hilton hotel addis ababa ethiopia

image credit: hilton.com

2. Kenenisa Hotel

lobby of Kenenisa hotel and resort

image credit: travel.jumia.com

3. Beer Garden Inn

beer garden inn dining area in ethiopia

image credit: a-hotel.com

4. Intercontinental Hotel

intercontinental hotel lobby in ethiopia

5. Empire International Hotel

empire addis international hotel lobby

image credit: ethiovisit.com/tripadvisor.com

6. Addis Regency Hotel

addis regency hotel bar in ethiopia

image credit: tripadvisor.com

7. Dreamliner Hotel

dreamliner hotel bar in ethiopia

image credit: kayak.com

8. Radisson Blu Hotel

radisson blu hotel cafe in ethiopia

image credit: booking.com

9. Jupiter International Hotel (Kazanchis)

jupiter international hotel kazanchis cafe in ethiopia

image credit: booking.com

10. Harmony Hotel

harmony hotel bar in ethiopia

11. Global Hotel

global hotel bar in ethiopia

image credit: booking.com

12. Churchill Hotel

churchill hotel lobby in ethiopia

image credit: tripadvisor.com

13. Bole Rock

bole rock bar in ethiopia

image credit: hikersbay.com

14. Beshale Hotel

beshale hotel lobby and terrace in ethiopia

image credit: expedia.com/booking.com

15. Queen of Sheba Hotel

queen of sheba hotel lobby and dining area in ethiopia

image credit: hotelplanner.com