Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid in Ethiopia

ethio telecom mobile in ethiopia

Ethiopian Cell/Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid in Ethiopia

Information on Ethiopia's Cell Phones and Mobile Phones

***Update: Ethio Telecom has announced a discount on all services for up to 50%.

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Pre-paid mobile service is a normal mobile service, offered through ethio telecoms SIM Card.

To get the service you have to pay for the talk time and for other services in advance.

You need to regularly recharge it with recharge scratch-able cards.

Each recharge balance has a denominated validity period.

Benefits of the Service

Effective cost control


Simplified payment system

Mobile Postpaid

Ethio telecom introduced post-paid services with latest technology (GSM and CDMA)

which enable customers to get more options, advantages

and solutions to do their work easily.

Normal Postpaid

GSM postpaid mobile is a service which you get afer purchasing ethio telecom SIM Card.

Postpaid customers are billed at the end of each month based on their usage.

Benefits of the Service

To stay connected anytime and anywhere

To Transfer of unlimited data

Means of way-out during emergency cases

Postpaid - Package

Postpaid package is a bundle offer that allows customers to make calls at a discounted tariff rate.

In addition, our bundle offer provides limited free SMS and limited free mobile internet access.

Benefits of Postpaid Mobile Package

Complete control of cost.

Potential to make significant savings on calls made.

Availability of free limited SMS and mobile internet services offers

Subscription Requirement

A copy of an up-to-date kebele ID/driving license/passport etc.

Two passport size photographs

Filled out Customer Application Form (CAF)

A one-off subscription fee

Deposit required/credit limit

Customers can subscribe to postpaid mobile by depositing one of the required amounts

of money ranging from Birr 250 to any amount as per the

customers wish based on his/her usage pattern.