What Time in Ethiopia

What Time in Addis Ababa

What Local Ethiopian Time

The Ethiopian time zone is EAT or East Africa Time: UTC +03.

The time zone database identifier is: Africa - Addis Ababa.

To tell the local time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, most Ethiopians do not use the clock format employed by the international community.

As opposed to the 24 hour clock, they prefer to use the 12 hour clock, which they have been using for a while now.

The Ethiopians also have no intention of changing this system to conform to international standards.

The 12 hour clock has one cycle from 1 to 12 (dawn to dusk), with the second cycle going from dusk to dawn.

While most nations use midnight as the start of the day, local time in Ethiopia uses dawn as the beginning of the day.

East Africa Time 7 a.m. equals to 1:00 in daylight hours in local Addis Ababa or Ethiopian time.

Furthermore, 12 noon in East African Time corresponds to 6:00 in daylight hours and 6pm EAT equals 12:00 in local Ethiopian time.