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marketing jobs in ethiopia

How to Get a Marketing Job in Ethiopia With Little or No Experience

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Obviously every company targeting consumers needs to have a marketing team and there are some large companies that recruit from the fresh graduate pools in Ethiopia.

Smaller companies usually offer marketing assistant positions and are less likely to have a well organized structure but are a great way of attaining on the job training.

On the other hand, many marketing graduates in Ethiopia enter the industry through positions that are often related such as sales, public relations, market research, or advertising.

Life as a Marketer in Ethiopia

*9-5 working hours are the norm but upcoming events or a projects ending cycle might see you working longer hours.

*International travel is often offered for marketers to attend trade fairs and the like.

*Marketers are big on networking and this could end up combining your working and social lives.

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*Seeing your work on posters, billboards, TV, radio, etc. can be hugely satisfying and provide you with the fulfillment that you will not find in other careers.

*Attempting to bring joy to people's lives and the fast paced energy of the industry will be a challenge but along with it comes excitement.

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Marketing Job Types for Fresh Graduates in Ethiopia

There are several different roles in marketing and the entry level positions largely depend on the company, but usually fresh graduates can apply to graduate, assistant, or internship roles.

There are also different careers one can move on to, such as buying products, marketing e-commerce, studio design, etc.

The following are some types of positions available for graduates:

marketing jobs in addis ababa

*Marketing Assistant: You will basically help the senior marketers in the department and is a great way to gain experience.

*Account Manager: One will be expected to be in close contact with customers and pass on their needs to other members of the marketing team working on the project.

*Brand Manager: Not to different from the role of an Account Manager.

*Marketing Creatives: This role will have the person writing copy for the campaigns and advertising or producing graphics and artworks designated by the account manager and client.

*Marketing Account Executives: This position has the person taking an active part in the entire lifespan of the product in question, from research to packaging and design to advertising and public relations/promotion.

*Market Research: This job requires a more academic background in business, social sciences, and economics. The job description includes collecting information commissioning research, and working closely with clients and agencies.

marketing job in ethiopia

Marketing Jobs in Ethiopia - Vacancies and Job Opportunities

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