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Fresh Graduate Jobs in Ethiopia: Useful Advice for all fresh graduates looking for a job in Ethiopia

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For the thousands upon thousands of fresh graduates in Ethiopia, graduation holds a two-pronged meaning.

For most fresh graduates in Ethiopia, graduation is both the end of something and the beginning of something.

Many fresh graduates believe that this transition is exactly what they have been waiting for; the time to move forward from a lifetime of education and join the work force.

But fresh graduate jobs in Ethiopia can pose a difficult challenge for the many that are still just recently leaving their campus.

We prepared the following to help fresh graduates shift from the classroom to the office and here are ten pieces of advice for success as a fresh graduate looking for a job in Ethiopia.

1. Always be open minded

Strive to work with as many diverse types of people and in as many different situations as possible.

Volunteer for exciting projects, introduce yourself to someone new every day and become comfortable with the feeling of not knowing everything.

2. Keep yourself measured

The fresh graduate jobs in Ethiopia you find might not align with your view of success. Make sure you and your manager share the same point of view on achievement.

Your daily priorities should line up with the general goals of the company.

Make sure to do a weekly check list to guarantee what you do is relevant to the success of the company by and large.

3. Be a team player

In university/college one needed to be internally and self-focused, but now it is all about the general success of the chosen fresh graduate job in Ethiopia.

The age old saying "there is no 'i' in team" is absolutely correct.

If a fresh graduate cannot pool resources and work in partnerships then one will have a hard time being successful.

Furthermore, one will not get enough fulfillments out of the day. The days of being a lone wolf are now long gone so do not be one.

4. Always practice patience

Situations will almost inevitably go wrong.

But instead of dwelling on the negative, use these moments in time as a learning experience that provides the opportunities to speed up the development of your own growth and self awareness.

Choose not to hide or flee from the problems you encounter, instead be involved and become the new type of person you want to become, one that can handle problems with positive and strong outlook on life.

This will transform your life in a huge way.

5. Learn to be flexible

With your new fresh graduate job, you might not love it, but no matter what, perform well and find ways to empower others to do their jobs well.

Showing your capabilities and resourcefulness will make your bosses, co-workers and even companies working with yours want you even more on their team.

A fresh graduate job in Ethiopia is an opportunity, and being good for the business will make the business good to you.

Proving to yourself you can persist and do a job that you don't like, well, imagine what you will be able to do once you find a job that you are passionate about.

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6. Be a fighter

While studying at university or college, when you fail a subject it is a sign that you didn't learn and may not graduate.

Everything was basically black and white, but in your career and life, you will fail and when that happens, you can learn very valuable lessons that will help your throughout your work life.

Deal with your mistakes with a resilient grace and transform them into positive actions rather than inaction.

Do not feel low, just get back on the horse and use what you learned and move forward as a stronger person.

fresh graduate jobs in ethiopia
7. Become a proactive person

There are three types of people in this world, one wants things to happen, while others wish things to happen and the best of all make things happen.

Be proactive and get involved in your fresh graduate job and find ways to make things happen.

Use all your skills and strengths to propel yourself forward, identify areas in the job that show weakness and drive change.

The resulting recognition will do wonders for your working life.

8. Be a humble person

Almost every person who has achieved greatness in their careers will tell you that they did not reach where they are now by doing it all alone.

Everyone needs mentors and people that will teach and guide them throughout their careers, so be willing to receive guidance and criticism. You will find interesting people that you can learn from throughout your life, open your mind to them.

9. Use curiosity as an asset

Contrary to popular belief, curiosity does not always kill the cat. Learning has to go on every day of our lives, keep on top of all that is happening around you.

Follow the latest trends that will help you boost your career. Read books, watch the news, and maintain a passion for learning.

This will always help you feel relevant and in control.

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10. Have a gracious demeanor

Following the above pieces of advice, will inevitably lead you to a successful life, but make once you are on top, make sure you highlight the "how" over the "what".

It is not always about the success you achieved but knowing and understanding the how you got there.

Take people along with you on your ride; never dismiss the contributions others have made to you to help you reach the success you have attained.

Doing this, will help you thwart any future failures that might come up.

In conclusion, having a fresh graduate job in Ethiopia is a perfect opportunity to grow, learn and create valuable contacts for a long and prosperous work life.

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