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Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia: What You Have to Know When Considering an Embassy Job in Ethiopia

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The following are the three main categories anyone interested in gaining employment in an embassy job in Ethiopia, has to be aware of:

1. Security and Medical Clearance

2. Skills

3. Characteristics

Security and Medical Clearance Information for Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia

Security Clearance for Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia

Security clearance is the background research that is conducted on any potential embassy employee.

Seeing that an Embassy is an important part of a country's image and actions abroad, it is obvious security plays a vital role in all of its operations.

In most cases, the potential employee's credit history, criminal record, history of tax and loan payments, history of drug/alcohol abuse, and employment history are investigated.

However, in Ethiopia, unless circumstances require, it is common to get a clearance paper from your local police station.

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Medical Clearance for Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia

Medical clearance can be given by any government hospitals and in some cases, private hospitals.

It is dependent on the potential employee's medical history and his/her current and projected medical needs.

Skills Tested for Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia

There is usually no perfect or imperfect score, but instead each potential employee's overall portfolio is tested in the context of the desired career path within the Embassy.

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The skills are examined in each of these groups:

Language: most often a multiple choice test that evaluates the potential employee's writing and communication skills.

Job comprehension: this is a test that usually has multiple choice questions that assess the person's knowledge of culture, history, government, world history, finance/economics, and international affairs.

Biographical assessment: this is a test where the potential employee has to self assess their work style, respect of others traditions and cultures, communication skills, and team player viability.

Characteristics for Embassy Jobs in Ethiopia

The following are ten characteristics that are highly valued by Embassy officials looking to hire new employees.

1) Motivation and Experience - Potential employees should show skills and knowledge they retained from previous working experiences, and should be motivated to join the Embassy staff with the purpose of promoting the Embassy's interests.

2) Ability to Adapt to Cultures - Potential employees must be able to work with people of different cultures, belief systems, economic stations, and political affiliations without bias.

3) Information Retention and Analysis - Potential employees should show the ability to retain and use information gained from a relevant variety of sources. Potential employees should also be able to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate the information easily.

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4) Ability to Communicate Orally - Potential employees must have the ability to communicate in an ordered and relevantly professional approach. Potential employees must also show the ability to adjust their communicative styles to the audience being targeted.

5) Ability to Communicate with Writing - Those looking to find a embassy jobs in Ethiopia should demonstrate the ability to write clearly and in a grammatically correct style to successfully communicate with and convince audiences as required.

6) Ability to Plan and Organize - Potential employees should demonstrate the ability to give tasks priority and to manage any amount of workload to be effective in the given objectives and goals.

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7) Self-possession - Potential employees must show the ability be calm in situations that are dangerous or stressful. Potential employees have to demonstrate the ability to be a fast thinker and be able to rapidly adjust to fast moving situations.

8) Ability to Judge Efficiently - Those looking to find employment in embassy jobs in Ethiopia should be able to evaluate conditions and determine what procedures are suitable for the ongoing real world state of affairs.

9) Ability to Analyze Quantitatively - Potential Embassy employees in Ethiopia should be able to accumulate and assess data, distinguish patterns, execute mathematical operations, and draw suitable conclusions based on the information analyzed.

10) Have Integrity and Objectivity - Candidates are expected to be fair and sincere in all transactions as representatives of the Embassy. Those hoping to be an Embassy worker in Ethiopia should never be fraudulent and should avoid preferential treatment and prejudice, keeping all individual bias out of their professional communications.

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