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computer science jobs in ethiopia

Easy Steps to Get a Computer Science Job in Ethiopia With No Experience

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Every student of computer science must be aware that having a career in this field is more than just being proficient with computers.

As a fresh graduate in Ethiopia looking to delve into a new career, finding a job that suits your particular abilities is often more difficult than perceived.

Fortunately, when it comes to jobs in the field of computers and IT, there are available a plethora of methods to put that one foot into the industry.

This could be done either by working your way as an entry level employee slowly up the proverbial ladder or through the attainment of certification.

We prepared the following useful tips for getting a computer science job in Ethiopia, with either little or no experience.

1) Prepare a Targeted Killer CV

A huge mistake many computer science graduates in Ethiopia commit is to send the same CV over and over again.

Most people do not even spend enough time on their application, therefore leaving the CV to do all the work for them.

But this only sells yourself short, especially as the employer has already written up the exact type of person they are looking for in the job description.

Therefore it is wise to use what they have written and build on it in your CV, clearly focusing and targeting the desired skills in your CV. Related: UN Jobs in Addis Ababa

2) Prepare to Nail the Interview

Once your killer CV has been accepted, then it is on to the next huge step.

The interview process can be very intimidating for many and in order for one to increase their chances for success, one needs to be fully prepared.

This means more than getting that sharp suit or dress ready.

Of course confidence and dressing for success are a huge plus but they will not be enough for you to get that dream computer science job in Ethiopia.

Begin by contemplating some of the potential questions that might arise during the interview. Most IT related interviews will focus on your mindset, skills, and how updated your knowledge of the industry is.

The following are helpful links to guide you in answering any tech related questions that might come up.

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3) Sometimes Set Your Sights Lower

If you experience difficulty in finding the right position for your skill set, then you might be aiming too high.

Never undervalue yourself but sometimes if you do not possess the experience for a certain role in the IT world, you might have to begin with internships, apprenticeships, and lower entry level positions to help you break into the industry.

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4) Time to Network

Staying at home filling out applications online and watching your favorite tech show Silicon Valley are not going to be enough to get you that dream IT job in Ethiopia.

Most people in the computer science field tend to stick with one another and attempting to join these groups could be a huge advantage for a computer science fresh graduate.

Therefore be in attendance of every IT and computer science related events that can come up in your city.

In Addis Ababa, for example, there are many groups that will find you mingling with tech heavyweights such as the likes of Noah Samara.

A little research and reaching out to these groups will propel your career faster than you can imagine.

Sending messages through social media to potential mentors and innovators is also a great way of networking.

All this could also lead you to join startup companies which mostly love including fresh graduates.

5) Upgrade Your Skills

You could be a whiz in your field but never underestimate the opportunity to add to your skill set.

Being versatile with your skills will help make you an indispensible part of the company.

If you are great in one coding language, then learn another. If you are a web designer then learn the latest Photoshop skills.

6) Grow Your Certifications

After you upgrade your skills then it is time to show them in an official manner.

Putting that Cisco, C#, or CSS certification on your CV will help you tremendously in the long run.

So believe in yourself and search for the many fairly priced courses that offer certification.

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