NGO Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

ngo job vacancy in ethiopia

NGO Job Vacancy in Ethiopia: What You Must Know to Get an NGO Job in Ethiopia

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Today, more and more fresh graduates in Ethiopia as well as other professionals are looking towards making a change in society and the planet.

This leads many people to look for NGO job vacancies in Ethiopia with the plan for working within an NGO that brings change for the better.

But finding the right NGO and knowing what is needed can be overwhelming.

Recent studies showed that around the globe, there are currently about forty thousand internationally operating NGOs.

The number of national or local NGOs operating within countries is even greater, with about one to two million NGOs in action within India alone.

This at first look might seem good for a person looking for a job in an NGO, seeing that there are so many.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, therefore one needs to make themselves indispensably valuable for an NGO to consider them for a job, especially in Ethiopia.

ngo jobs in ethiopia

It takes a lot to work for an NGO that is considered important in their field, and landing a job with them can be very competitive.

One needs to remember that non-governmental organizations operated more or less like other corporations or businesses.

They have separate departments that all require various skills and job descriptions, meaning they all need people that can fulfill the requirements.

Must Know for NGO Jobs in Ethiopia

We have prepared the following 6 pieces of advice we believe will be useful for those seeking NGO job vacancies in Ethiopia.

1) Knowing Where You Want to be and What You Want

An important aspect when applying to an NGO job in Ethiopia is to clearly know what you are looking for.

Are you looking to change a specific problem facing the world or your society? Are you only in it for the good wages?

It is difficult to navigate through all the NGOs in the world with only the general longing to change the world.

Therefore, one needs to focus and obsess on the specifics; this will make finding a job within an NGO much easier.

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2) Fear Not to Stand Out of the Pack and Be Different

Considering the thousands of people also looking to be employed by NGOs, you have to be able to stand out of the pack.

This could mean something as simple as having a skill that you have studied in school and have relentlessly practiced and are good at.

An example for NGOs would be languages.

NGOs are big on languages, because they operate in many countries and even local NGOs need people to communicate with their funding sources which could be in any country across the globe.

Having said that, NGOs usually have a large workload and are mostly understaffed, therefore they also value those than can immediately begin working and seamlessly integrate with confidence and commitment.

3) Be Someone that is Culturally Sensitive and Understanding

Most NGOs focus on an area that has a complete different lifestyle than you might be used to.

One has to realize that NGOs do not usually offer comfortable office jobs in a country of your choosing.

You may be required to travel to different countries and experience different ways of life.

Be someone that is able to adapt and is not prone to complaining when you are missing some small comforts you are used to.

This can test you emotionally and physically, but be prepared to make some sacrifices for getting the NGO job you love.

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4) Gain Work Experience through Volunteering, etc.

If you are still in school, join the Red Cross for example. If you are a fresh graduate in Ethiopia, there are some government organizations that offer volunteer positions.

Using this type of experience can help you get an NGO job in Ethiopia almost immediately, because they love those that have already some basic knowledge.

5) Make Sure You Create Contacts through Networking

The NGO sector is one in which creating a strong network is more important than in other fields.

It is also not too difficult, as most NGO workers tend to mingle with one another as they usually have projects that overlap.

Therefore, interacting and socializing with other employees from different NGOs could immeasurably help to gain you better positions.

It is without a doubt in your favor, that if your CV/Resume was found on a table with a thousand others, and the person vetting them, recognizes your name.

Once again, volunteering is also another exceptional way to create a network of people you know working in NGO jobs in Ethiopia.

ngo jobs vacancies in ethiopia

6) Be a Flexible Person willing to Embrace Challenges

The reason there are millions of NGOs worldwide is because the challenges facing the planet are not easy ones.

Therefore do not be depressed when things do not work out they way you planned them.

Be patient and flexible in the way you operate, while working for a good cause.

Stay committed to your objective and count successes one by one.

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