Abish (Harari) or Hulbat Marakh

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Ethiopian Abish (Habish) or Hulbat Marakh

Ethiopian Fenugreek Flavored Meat and Potato Stew

A Favorite Dish of the Harari People

Abish or Habih is the national dish of the Harari peoples, as well as the Oromos peoples residing in the area of Harar. It is a broth that is slightly tart and usually made with meat and potatoes.

Hulbat marakh is flavored with many herbs and is a delicacy for many.

It is traditionally made without butter and without berbere.

As for the name of the dish; when simply translated, it means fenugreek broth.

The word marakh is akin to the Amharic merek, which means broth, and hulbat translates into the Amharic abish, which is the spice we call fenugreek in English.

So hulbat marakh refers to a broth with meat and seasoned with fenugreek (among other spices, of course).

The sauce for hulbat marakh contains berbere (optional), fenugreek, tomato, onions and other spices. But the fenugreek, being the main ingredient can be smelt more than the other spices.

The dish is more or less a stew, with chunks of meat and potato served in the sauce.

Upon serving the dish, most people usually tear the enjera to pieces and place it in the broth.