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health care jobs in ethiopia

Getting a Health Care Job in Ethiopia Without Any Experience

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It is well known that a job working within the health care industry offers one of the most rewarding career paths.

But with no experience or the right qualifications, getting the right job can pose a huge problem for many.

A little known fact is that there are literally hundreds of opportunities that are there for those that are interested in working their way up in the health care industry of Ethiopia.

We have prepared the following to help you get started to put one foot in the door with a health care job in Ethiopia that really requires no experience.

1) Healthcare Assistant

HCA's or Health Care Assistants are those that assist the doctors and nurses by offering care for patients.

HCA's are usually found in hospitals and the jobs they do are very important and satisfying.

They make sure the patient is comfortable, with duties ranging from washing and dressing wounds, bed making, food serving, and taking easy measurements such as monitoring pulse rates and temperatures.

Even though, previous experience or qualifications are helpful, it is not absolutely necessary to become a Health Care Assistant in a trainee capacity.

Available are also numerous apprenticeship or internship programs to help get you started.

These opportunities could also lead towards certifications, which could help you move to positions such as becoming an Assistant Practitioner or even start studying to move into nursing or a more specialist role within the health care sector in Ethiopia.

An HCA position is good for those looking to work within the practical side of health care.

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2) Dental Support

This position is another good one for those wanting to build experience through practical work in the field of health care.

Dental Support Workers have a wide range of backgrounds emanating from different fields.

This means there are really no entry requirements to start working with only the right attitude and a good work ethic being prominent skills.

On the job training and encouragement to study further during your off-time are some aspects to expect.

Common duties include mixing fillings, sterilizing instruments, and helping with X-Rays, as well as some administrative tasks, all of which build a good foundation for anyone hoping to pursue a long term career in the dental sector of health care in Ethiopia.

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3) Care Worker

As you might have already known, not all health care jobs take place inside a hospital.

In fact, opportunities within the social care sector have risen of late with demand for Care Assistants, consistently growing across the country.

Care Assistants work almost similarly to Health Care Assistants but mostly work within the patient's home, providing the client with the full attention they need.

Becoming a Care Assistant is not as simple as it might sound, it is a highly competitive position, with experience as a volunteer or even with some personal experience usually helping you to enter the field.

Moving further in this career can require you to take a part time qualification course to increase your skills and credentials.

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4) Medical Secretary

Those looking for non-clinical roles within the health care system of Ethiopia might lead them to pursue a career as a Medical Secretary.

As an integral part of the health care industry, the Medical Secretary helps schedule appointments and deals with the day to day administration aspect of the doctors and nurses work, providing them with more time to handle their own practical duties.

Experience as a secretary of an administrative assistant would be a plus, but health care sector specific experience is not demanded as a perquisite in most cases.

In time and with the accumulation of a good level of medical knowledge, you will be able to specialize in fields that interest you, for example, Medical Transcription or even a Medical Assistant or Manager.

5) Pharmacy Assistant or Technician

For those looking for an entry level pharmaceutical role, becoming a Pharmacy Assistant might be the perfect career path to follow.

One would be required to work under the close supervision of a registered pharmacist, whose job is to collect prescriptions, provide basic advice to customers and sell over-the-counter medicines.

Great IT and communication skills are really the only must-have abilities, which means previous experience is not a deal breaker.

In Conclusion

Whether you are planning to enter a career in medicine (doctor, nurse, etc.) and do not exactly know how to achieve that or you want to be a more productive part of society, then there is really no reason why you should not pursue a health care job in Ethiopia.

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