Ethiopian Job Vacancy in Accounting

ethiopian job vacancy in accounting

Helpful Tips for Getting an Accounting Job in Ethiopia

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For those that are fresh graduates in Ethiopia with little or no experience, there are a few useful tips that could help propel them to finding the perfect job related to accounting.

It can be a difficult task to land the right accounting job fresh from school but the following things might help make this daunting task a bit easier:

1) Become a Member of a Professional Accounting Organization

Before attempting to even begin your job search, make sure you attempt to join a professional accounting organization.

Most of them would welcome the opportunity to help out young graduates. With networking events that are sponsored and hosted by these organizations, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet and make a good impression on potential employers.

Universities usually offer assistance to help you join professional organizations. Another method could be as simple as an internet search or asking around.

Some professional accounting associations in Ethiopia include but are not limited to: EPAAA or Ethiopia Professional Association of Accountants and Auditors and Accounting Society of Ethiopia.

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2) Build and Improve Upon your CV/Resume

It goes without saying that this should be considered a very important part of your Ethiopian accountant job search.

Your CV should look professional and clean, even with no experiences, make sure you place your educational credentials close to the top, adding emphasis to them.

University based activities that you were a part of will play a huge role for those with little to no work experience.

Most universities offer fresh graduates avenues for finding potential employers through career advisors and career fairs, be sure to take full advantage of them with your new and updated CV.

Before attending these career fairs, be sure to do your research thoroughly, find out which accounting firms or companies will be attending and find out their basic information, such as selling propositions, core strengths, and their position in the market.

Use their websites and other sources to secure this information. Every potentially hiring company will appreciate the time spent to learn more about them.

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3) Use More than Just Online Job Databases

In today's connected world it is no surprise that one of the best ways to search for a job in any field is to use online methods.

accounting jobs in ethiopia

Many companies also use this method for advertising most of their positions. It would be wise to use online job search sites that publicize a large amount of jobs in the accountancy field (find them below).

There are many recruitment job sites around but it is important to find one that specializes in your preferred career.

Narrowing down the search results according to your accountancy position, location and salary expectations are important for your Ethiopian accountant job vacancy search.

But do no limit yourself to searching for jobs only through the comfort of the internet.

Make sure to make the rounds, sometimes appearing in person and actively searching for jobs shows the determination and initiative that many potential employers find attractive.

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