New Top Ethiopian Movies 2018

ethiopian movies poster

Everyone has heard of Hollywood, America's huge movie and entertainment industry. Then there is India's own massive version known as Bollywood.

Even Africa has its own popular movie industry, namely in Nigeria and it is often referred to as Nollywood. Recently, and a late comer to this billion dollar industry, are the Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian movie industry has seen a tremendous jump in its production quantity and quality. This in turn has created a dedicated audience that is hungry for more.

The use of the latest technology in the movie business as well as a more professional and knowledgeable film crew and cast are said to be behind this upsurge in quality productions.

Not to be forgotten are also the script writers that are coming up with unforgettable scenes that have a way of being etched into your memory. Ethiopian actors and actresses are gaining notoriety for their commitment to their craft.

They seem to leave no stone unturned in their attempts to portray their given personas on screen.

An Ethiopian movie awards called the Guma Awards has also been launched in an attempt to honor those hardworking movie crews, actors, directors, etc.

The following 20 best Ethiopian movies ever made proves that a new movie industry is in the making and should be watched closely for the talent and the unforgettable stories.

The movies also showcase Africa in a positive way for the world to see. So let us hope Ethiowood is here to stay. The following movies are not listed in any particular order.