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agricultural jobs in ethiopia

Agricultural Jobs in Ethiopia: Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider an Agricultural Job in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia's agricultural economy is one of the few industries in the nation that has constantly continued to grow and develop throughout its rich history.

While all are witnessing its incredible growth, it is also an industry that has often been overlooked by young professionals and fresh graduates - until now.

Today, fresh graduates are coming to terms with the huge benefits of agricultural jobs in Ethiopia.

Many are now beginning their working careers in agriculture and are reaping its financial and personal rewards.

We prepared the following to highlight the reasons why everyone should consider agricultural jobs in Ethiopia.


There is no doubt that most of the agricultural jobs in Ethiopia are closely involved with the cultivation of plants and the like.

But it is a mistake to ignore the many job descriptions that are available for aspiring professionals and fresh graduates.

There is definitely something for everyone, and that means you do not have to be on the farm.

Agricultural jobs in Ethiopia include marketing, advertising, finance, and much more. All this is not merely to sell the agricultural products but to also try to figure out what the public at large wants.

Scientists are also very much in demand, as they are the ones who study the soil, weather conditions, conduct research, among other useful operations.

Sales professionals are another important factor for agriculture in Ethiopia; they sell the products to customers and agricultural equipment to manufacturing companies.

Professionals and fresh graduates who are in the field of logistics can also play a vital role, as they develop the supply chain management strategies and make sure that production levels meet demand, and that transport, storage and consumption of raw materials is all on par.

These are just a few of the many job options available within the agricultural jobs in Ethiopia field.


The market demand for products related to agriculture is increasing both in Ethiopia and throughout the world.

According to many studies conducted, it is believed that world food demands are expected to grow by up to 75% by the year 2050.

Ethiopia is one of the largest exporters of coffee, sesame seeds, and several other agricultural products, and recently there is an increase in export that is unprecedented in Ethiopian history.

This growing demand translates to different kinds of products related to agriculture, especially in the homes of consumers.

Ethiopians and many around the world are starting to show greater interest in better, healthier foods that are organic, and locally produced.

Due to this, agricultural jobs in Ethiopia have seen a shift and have had to adjust to these new processes which require more and more professionals and fresh graduates in the agricultural sector.

agricultural jobs in ethiopia agriculture work

With Ethiopia's active engagement in growing its agricultural sector, there is an increase in the number of job opportunities in this sector.

Most might have to be willing to travel to the urban areas to get the employment, but that can be used as a learning experience.

And which employer does not like to see that the person they are interviewing has the courage, audacity as well as the experience of being in the field.

Wages are also very attractive for those that are willing to work in urban areas, but this does not negate the fact that jobs are also available for those with the aptitude to search for them.

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Lately, the Ethiopian government has been more and more focused on environmental sustainability.

This can be seen by the environmental sustainability requirement forced upon all new agricultural investment licenses.

This in turn has led to an increase in the industry professionals being committed to ensuring that food production demands are prepared to meet future expectations and that cultivation falls in step as well.

Environmentally friendly methods are beginning to replace existing sources of energy that are considered harmful.

In fact, these efforts have already begun to be undertaken within Ethiopia's agricultural industry.

With all these new sustainable advancements taking place, there is a vacuum for new professionals and recent fresh college and university graduates.

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Along with the demand for higher quality and quantity of agricultural products, Ethiopia's agricultural industry is now focused on technological innovation and advancement.

The industry has put in the time and money for research and development to create and innovate with the sustainable environment in mind.

Scientists and the like are interested in creating crops that are free from pesticides, able to withstand any type of weather and resistant to diseases.

With all these advancements in technology new vacancies are opening up that requires the professionals and the recent fresh college and university graduates to fill the gap that is opening up with agricultural jobs in Ethiopia.

In conclusion, having an agricultural job in Ethiopia is something that should be considered by all, and not only for those that plan to work soley on the farms.


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