10 Benefits You Must Know of Flax Seeds or Telba in Ethiopia

ethiopian telba 10 benefits

Ethiopian Telba

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Flax seeds, linseeds, or telba, as it is called in Ethiopia's national language, Amharic, have been grown and used around the world for over 5,000 years.

This tiny brown or golden colored seed is today considered a "super" food, as its properties have proved to be without a doubt very nutritious and beneficial for the human body and comparatively very easy to cultivate.

Aside from using it as food or drink item to be consumed, it was and still continues to be used for the purpose of creating strong and durable textile products.

As far back as the ancient Egypt, evidence was found of their widespread use.

It was considered a major crop and an important contributor to the nutrition of the people at the time.

Their high content of alpha linolenic acids (ALA) has made flax seeds a modern "super" food.

Telba in Ethiopia also has a very long and interesting history, as it is associated with the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox religion.

Aside from regular use, during lent or the long Ethiopian orthodox fasting season, telba seeds are crushed and used as a drink or a dip, to act as a nutritious supplementary.

The nutrition contained within this tiny seed is considered by many as a very beneficial substitute to meat and other dairy products that are generally overlooked during the fasting season.

The dip is eaten with Ethiopia's teff-made "bread" or enjera as it is called in Amharic.

The following are ten benefits that flax seeds or telba as it is known in Ethiopia contribute to the human health.

1. Women's Health

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Telba helps women prevent osteoporosis and helps alleviate problems associated with menopause, largely due to its estrogenic properties.

2. Omega3

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One of its most well known properties is its large amount of omega3 which is a very essential part of everyone's diet.

3. Fights Cancer

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Telba is also a soldier against cancers such as prostate, breast, and many more.

4. Helps Digestion

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Telba acts as a cure for digestive issues common in human beings on a high sugar and processed food diet.

5. Great Source of Antioxidants

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Telba is a high source of antioxidants also known as lingams.

6. Gluten Free

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Today more and more people are joining the gluten free diet and telba is a wonderful replacement for the grains that contain gluten.

7. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

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Properties contained in telba helps the body reduce and eliminate bad cholesterol.

8. Helps Lose and Keep Weight Off

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A person who includes telba in their diet can rest assured that they will lose weight as it does not contain any unhealthy fats.

9. Promotes Beautiful Skin and Hair

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The cosmetic industry is now very interested in foods that help promote healthy skin and hair. Telba has been proven to do just that.

10. Healthy Carbohydrates

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The super food telba is also a great source of healthy carbohydrates.