Semien Mountains National Park

semein mountains national park in ethiopia

Semein Mountains National Park

All You Need to Know About this Wonderful Park

The Semein Mountains National Park can be accessed from the town of Debark which is roughly 100 kilometers from the city of Gondar.

The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is one of the major mountain massifs in Africa.

It has summits reaching above 3900 meters with the highest point, being at 4,620 meters.

The peak is named Ras Dejen and is the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth highest peak in Africa.

The Walia Ibex which is indigenous to the area is a type of mountain goat.

There are only about 1,000 left and thus they were the primary reason this park was created.

Other wildlife includes the Semein Fox and the Gelada baboon.

Even though the park is located close to the equator the temperatures can reach zero.

The park is a place of stunning natural beauty with its rare wildlife and spectacular scenic views.