Wildlife Sanctuary in Ethiopia

sanctuary in ethiopia

Ethiopian Wildlife Sanctuaries

There exist about six wildlife sanctuaries in Ethiopia:

Didessa Wildlife Sanctuary

Harar Wildlife Sanctuary or Babile Elephant Sanctuary

Kuni-Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary

Senkelle Swayne's Hartebeest Sanctuary

Stephanie Wildlife Sanctuary

Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary

The Didessa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Illubabor Zone of Oromia, and is a protected area for all wildlife.

The Harar Wildlife Sanctuary also known as the Babile Elephant Sanctuary is located in the Babile area of East Hararghe in the Oromia Region.

This sanctuary was created for the preservation of the native elephant, known as Loxodonta Africana Olensie as well as for the lions.

This sanctuary encompasses the valleys of Erer, Dakaka, and Fafen.

The Kuni Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary was created for the sole purpose of protecting the Tragelaphus Buxtoni or the endemic Mountain Nyala, a rare antelope.

The Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the south of Ethiopia, in the Borena Zone of Oromia.

It is home to endemic birds such as the Stresemann's Bushcrow and White tailed swallow and is the habitat of ostrich and spotted cats.

The Senkelle Swayne's Hartebeest Sanctuary is primarly occupied with the preservation of the Swayne's Hartebeest and is located close to the city of Aje, which is ten km from the Shashamene to Arba Minch road.