Rivers in Ethiopia

river in ethiopia

Ethiopian Rivers

Complete Listing of Ethiopian Rivers

Ethiopia is gifted with 9 major rivers and 12 huge lakes.

The rivers of Ethiopia, both major and minor can be classified by the direction in which they flow; flowing into the Mediterranean, flowing into the Indian Ocean, or flowing into the Endorheic Basins.

Nile River

Atbarah River

Mareb River

Obel River

Tekeze River

Zarima River

Ataba River

Wari River

Balagas River

Angereb River

Shinfa River

Blue Nile

Rahad River

Dinder River

Beles River

Dabus River

Didessa River

Hanger River

Wajja River

Gulla River

Guder River

Muger River

Jamma River

Wanchet River

Qechene River

Robe River

Dembi River

Walaqa River

Bashilo River

Checheho River

Lake Tana, into which flow

Lesser Abay

Magech River

Lesser Angereb River

Reb River

Gumara River

Adar River (South Sudan)

Yabus River

Daga River

Sobat River (South Sudan)

Baro River

Jikawo River

Alero River

Birbir River

Dipa River

Gebora River

Karsa River

Gebba River

Sor River

Pibor River

Gilo River

Akobo River

Flowing into the Indian Ocean

Jubba River

Shebelle River

Fafen River

Jerer River

Erer River

Ramis River

Galetti River

Dungeta River Gololcha River

Ganale Dorya River

Mena River

Weyib River

Welmel River

Dawa River

Flowing into Endorheic Basins

Awash River

Logiya River

Mille River

Ala River

Golima River

Borkana River

Ataye River

Hawadi River

Kabenna River

Germama River

Durkham River

Keleta River

Mojo River

Akaki River

Dechatu River

Lake Ziway

Meki River

Katar River

Lake Abaya

Bilate River

Lake Chamo

Kulfo River

Lake Chew Bahir

Weito River

Sagan River

Lake Turkana

Kibish River

Omo River

Usno River

Mago River

Neri River

Mui River

Mantsa River

Zigina River

Denchya River

Gojeb River

Gibe River

Gilgel Gibe River

Maze River