Crater Lakes in Ethiopia

crater lake in ethiopia

Ethiopian Crater Lakes

Wenchi Crater Lake is by far the most popular in Ethiopia, but others of importance do exist.

ethiopian crater lakes wenchi crater lake

Bishoftu (formerly Debrezeit) is a city located only a short 50 kilometers away from the capital city of Addis Ababa and is home to six crater lakes.

Of these crater lakes, Lake Hora holds sway as being the largest and its depth is estimated at 40 meters.

ethiopian crater lakes lake hora bishoftu

Another crater lake of significance and only 30 kilometers away from Bishoftu, is at Mount Zukuala.

ethiopian crater lakes mount zukuala
Here one can also see a 12th century monastery which uses the clear water as holy water.

Zegena Lake is another Ethiopian crater lake that is located in the Awi Zone of the Amhara Region. Zegena Lake can be found between the towns of Injibara and Kessa, which is only two hundred meters away from the Addis Ababa-Bahir Dar highway.

ethiopian crater lakes lake zegena

The lake is one of the deepest in Ethiopia, second only to Lake Shalla. It's diameter is about one kilometer with a depth in the range of 166 meters.