Passover Programs Trend - This Year in Morocco?

passover programs trend this year in morocco

Is Morocco in your plans for Passover 2022? The 2022 holiday is going to be the first real holiday opportunity since the pandemic started that people can travel with any real sense of freedom and security.

Morocco is a great destination vacation spot because it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahara Desert and faces both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts. It is exotic, spectacular and unique. That is exactly what Pesach 2022 is calling for.

Agadir, Morocco

One of the Passover programs you want to check out for 2022 is located in Agadir, Morocco. Agadir is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Rising above Agadir are the Atlas Mountains.

The Royal Atlas 5 hotel offers exquisite rooms, swimming pools, a fabulous restaurant, breakfast in your room. Balconies overlooking the tremendous landscape, and more.

Step into luxury, a slower pace of life, and a dream vacation when you step into the hotel. Accommodations are varied so you will have no trouble finding the perfect style and size of room that your family needs.

Hiking the Atlas Mountains

One of the trending activities happening in Morocco over Passover will be hikes along the trails of the Atlas Mountains.

Visit the ruins of the kasbah and take in the panoramic view from the hilltop location. Hike amongst the astonishing pink and white rocks. Discover mountain villages that are unique and seem to be lost in time. Meet the people and see their customs and cultures first-hand.

Try amazing foods and delicacies that you have never dreamt of. See art and hear musical entertainment that will be a delight to your senses.

Go to Paradise City

Another trend in Morocco is taking a day trip to visit Paradise city. It will allow you to see how the people of Morocco live in the rural areas, and you can take in the beautiful orchards. The almond trees and the olive trees will be beginning to blossom at this time of year and the sites and smells are breathtaking.

See the Crocodiles

Another trend in Morocco for Passover will be a visit to Crocopark to see the Nile crocodiles. You get an up-close view of Nile crocodiles safely and you get to learn more about the creatures, their habits, and their habitat.

The environment in the park has been carefully configurated so it mimics the natural habitat of the creatures. You will also get to see the plants and other natural wonders found in the habitats of the crocodile.

Visit Essaouira

Take a stroll in this seaside wonderland. There is nothing fast paced and you will be amazed by the local handicrafts, the astonishing art galleries, and the 18th century architecture.

Visit Taghazout to Learn to Surf

If the sea, surf and swimming are part of your loves then the trend of visiting Taghazout to learn to surf is going to interest you.

You will find individual or group lessons available. There are opportunities for experienced surfers and for beginners. You can rent a board and have a fantastic time learning the ins and outs of surfing.

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

This destination Passover program is one that is not well-known, yet. It is not going to be able to stay a less traveled spot for long because it has so much to offer that is one-of-a-kind and unique.

Enjoy the 18-hole golf course and afterward visit the heated pool to relax. There is also 7km of private beach for the guests to relish and enjoy. Take a long walk in the sand, soak up some sun, or share a moonlit stroll with someone you love.

Gala shows and evening entertainment is included in the program. The hotel starts to serve dinner to their youngest guests at 6pm so you can make sure the children have eaten, are comfortable in their rooms, and have a sitter to watch over them while you enjoy the evening.

During the day there is a baby club for infants up to four years of age and a kids club for children up to 12 years of age. The children will not be bored or looking for some entertainment and you will be free to do all of the things you like to do when relaxing.

Take day trip excursions and see local attractions and sites. Visit the shops and village vendors to buy unique artifacts and specialty items. See the Moroccan country side and take in views that you have only dreamed of.

Final Thoughts

Passover Morocco trends are going to lean more to the outside excursions. That is mostly because people have been cooped up for too long and are ready to go outside, breathe fresh air, have the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair.

Morocco is going to be a hot spot during Passover 2022 so families that want to get into one of the Pesach programs should book early and secure a spot.