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Ethiopian Languages - Guragegna/Gurage

Gurage Language


Gurages speak a number of different languages, which belong to the Ethiopian Semitic languages which also includes Amharic.

The languages are often referred to as Guraginya or Guragegna.

There are three dialectically varied Gurage subgroups: Northern, Eastern and Western. East Gurage is more closely related to Amharic than to either of the other two groups.

The Gurage languages are written with the Ethiopic or also known as Ge'ez script. Gurage languages have been heavily influenced by the Cushitic speakers which surround them.

The Different Gurage People's Language

In the Northern group

Language: Soddo 'Kistane'

Dialect: Soddo, Goggot 'Dobi'

In the Eastern group

Language: Silt'e 'Selti'*

Dialect: Ulbare, Wolane, Inneqor, Zay 'Zway'

In the Western group

Language: Inor

Dialect: Ennemor, Endegegn, Gyeto, Mesmes, Mesqan, Sebat Bet*

Dialects: Chaha, Ezha, Gumer, Gura, Muher

* As of recently no longer a member of the Gurages

* Sebat Bet means seven houses and refers to seven different groups.

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