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Outdoors in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Outdoors

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National Parks

Several National Parks to choose from

Some of the National Parks include: Bale Mountains, Nechi Sar, Omo, Mago, Abijata/Shalla Lakes, Semien, Sof Omar, Awash, Gambella, Yangudi Rassa, Chebera/Churchura, Alatish, Maze, Kafta Sheraro, etc.

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Paleontological Sites

Being the home of the famous Lucy, it is no wonder Ethiopia has several sites

Some of these sites include: the Hadar Sites, Aramis, Bouri Formation, Chororapithecus Abyssinicus, Dikka, Dungur, The Awash Basin, Middle Awash, The Omo Kibish, The Old Town, Melka Kunture, etc.

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Babile Wildlife Sanctuary, Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

The Ethiopian government has taken great steps to conserve the wildlife in Ethiopia. To this effect Ethiopia is home to several unique species that reside in sanctuaries located throughout the country.

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Weather, Seasons, & Climate

Climatic Zones, Temperatures, & The Seasons (as known in Ethiopia).

Ethiopia's unique climatic zones are classified as: (in Amharic) Bereha, Kolla, Weyna Dega, and Dega. Ethiopia has a tropical monsoon climate with wide topographically induced variations. Three climatic zones are a cool zone, temperate zone, and hot lowlands. The average annual temperature varies from less than 7-12 Celcius in the cool zone to over 25 Celcius degrees in the hot lowlands. The seasons are Tseday (Spring), Bega (Winter), Belg (Short rains), and Keremt (Summer).

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