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Wildlife in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Wildlife


Over 850 bird species in Ethiopia

Some of the places considered ideal for birdwatching in Ethiopia include: Awash National Park, Lake Langano, Lake Ziway, Sabana Lodge/Bishangari, Abiyata/Shalla National Park, Bale Mountains National Park, Negeli Borena, Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve, Rift Valley Lakes, Lake Ziway, etc.

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Endemic Animals

Gelada Baboon, Nyala Hartebeest, Menilik's Bushbuck, Walia Ibex, etc.

Ethiopia is among the few countries in the world to possess unique and characteristic fauna with a high level of endemicity, according to the WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Center). Ethiopia has extensive and unique environmental conditions ranging from Ras Dejen (4600m) to Dallol (100m). This huge altitudinal and latitudinal range makes Ethiopia an ecological wonder housing several unique habitats. There are over 277 mammalian species with 31 of them unique to Ethiopia alone and in dire need of conservationist action.

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Anbessa Bet

Anbessa Bet or the Lion's Home Zoo is located in Addis Ababa around the 5 kilo area. They derived their name due to thier having more lions on display than any other animals. Some of these animals are Geleda baboons, anthelope, ducks, turtles, and different types of apes.

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Wonchi Lakes, Bale Mountain National Park, etc.

According to the Ethiopian Biodiversity Conservation Authority, Ethiopia is endowed with diverse flora and fauna, as well as with microbial resources. Major ecosystems found in Ethiopia include: Afroalpine, Subafroalpine, Montane dry forest, Scrub, Montane moist forest, Acacia-Comiphora woodland, Combretum-Terminalia woodland, Lowland humid forest, Aquatic, Wetland, Montane grassland, Desert and Semideset ecosystems.

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Legal Hunting in the controlled areas of Ethiopia

A well known hunting ground for those looking for game is known as Awash West Controlled Hunting Area. It offers easy accessibility from Addis Ababa and offers a large number of wildlife species in the area, posing a challenge and an adventure for hunters.

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