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Hospitals, Pharmacies, & Ambulances

There are many health service providers at various levels of capacity in Ethiopia, as well as the regions in which tourists travel often. However, it is always advisable to pack all recommended medicines as directed by the physician before beginning a trip.

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Postal Services


There are Ethiopian Postal services throughout Ethiopia, with the Main Office around the Ambassador area. Courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS are also available.

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Ethio Telecom offers a variety of connection speeds through its package deals. There are lots of internet cafes to choose from throughout the city and most hotels offer this service too. The broadbank internet connection is widely used throughout with speeds starting at 128kb/s to 3.1 mb/s. It is also possible to browse the web from GSM mobile phones by using GPRS. 3G & 4G SIM cards are also available with faster speeds. Corporate businesses and international organizations can enlist for the leased line broadband connections which are known for their speed.

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Conference Halls

Hotels, Resorts, Organizations, etc.

The UN-CC (United Nations Conference Center) is the largest conference center in Addis Ababa. It plays host to several meetings and conferences a year. With the large number of embassies and international organizations: Ethiopia is said to be the fourth in the world in regards to the number of conferences and meetings held in a city.

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Souveniers, Art Galleries, Traditional Clothes

The well known district in near the Head Post Office on Churchill Street houses many types of souveniers such as: locally made fabrics, paintings, jewelery, handicrafts, etc. If you are interested soley on paintings, then the art galleries are a good place to look. Makush Art Gallery is prominent in this sense with its comfortable restaurant setting and various paintings from various artitists. Ethiopia's traditional clothing is unique with its designs and fabrics. Shiro Meda is a good place to find them. They offer many traditional costumes for casual wear and special occasions.

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