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Ethiopian Landscape


The Denakil or Dalol Depression is a low lying rift crack

This Ethiopian depression is believed to still be increasing in size. It has a total area of 92,000 square kilometers. Daytime tempratures there can reach up to 60 degrees Celcius, while at night it is freezing. It is now one of the most popular tourist sites in Ethiopia, due to the geological, geomorphological, and active volcanic features. The Erta Ale where it resides is located in the Afar Region northeastern Ethiopia. It is the most active volcano in Ethiopia and the Erta Ale stands at a height of 613 meters tall, and at its summit houses a lava lake.

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Crater Lakes

Debre Zeit is home to several Ethiopian crater lakes

Lake Babogaya on the outskirts of Debre Zeit is suitable for recreation on a boat, swimming and fishing. Lake Bishoftu is a crater lake located in a steep encampment. There are resorts that provide a great view of the lake. Lake Hora is the largest in Debre Zeit and only accessible from the Ethiopian Air Force Club II.

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There are several great Ethiopian sightseeing viewpoints

One of the spectacular viewpoints for sightseeing is the Semien Mountain, which is excellent due to its height and the topography of the mountain with its cliffs, gorges, mountain top, etc.

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