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Landscape in Ethiopia


The most famous of Ethiopian gorges is the Abay Gorge

The Abay River runs along the Abay Gorge for 500 km and spans an altitude of 2500 meters to 1200 meters. The Abay Gorge Bridge can be found on the road between Fiche and Debre Markos.

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One of the most active volcanoes in Africa is the Erta Ale

In Ethiopia's Afar Region there are three tetonic plates that wrench themselves apart deep within the ground. In effect, molten rock bubbles up to the surface, sustaining a network of volcanic fissures and volcanoes. It is believed that Ethiopia's Erta Ale volcano is part of the Afar Depression and that the African continent is slowly splitting apart and will form a new ocean in the future. This Ethiopian Volcano is a must see.

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Ethiopia is home to many caves worth visiting

Among the most popular of the Ethiopian caves are the Sof Omar Caves, which are the longest cave network in Ethiopia. It is believed that it is the longest network of caves in Africa and the second longest in the world. It is located in the Bale region in Southeastern Ethiopia through which the river Weyib flows. The caves are well known for their numerous pillars, especially in the "Chamber of Columns".

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Hot Springs

Ethiopia is home to numerous hot springs

A popular Ethiopian hotspring destination is Wondo Genet due to its close proximity to Addis Ababa. It is southeast of Shashamene, and surrounded by lush forests, wildlife and water beds.

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The Blue Nile River is undoubtedly the most significant in Ethiopia

The Blue Nile River is estimated to be 1,450 kilometers or 900 miles long, and 800 km or 500 miles are located within Ethiopia's borders. The waterfalls at Tis Issat Falls is 45 meters or 148 feet high and located about 40 kilometers or 25 miles downstream Lake Tana.

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