gondar city in ethiopia


Quick Facts on Gondar

The city of Gondar is about 500 km to the north of the capital city of Addis Ababa and is via Bahir Dar.

It lies at the foothills of the Semein Mountains and has played a major role in Ethiopian history, as it was the capital of the country from the time of King Fasilades till the time of King Tewodros' fall in 1868.

Visitors can expect to marvel upon the many palaces and castles located in the city.

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The Royal Enclosure is the city's imperial area and it contains five castles, elevated walkways, connecting tunnels that are surrounded by stone walls.

Places of interest include: Fasil Ghebbi or the castle compound, the Debre Birhan Church, the Ruins of Qusquam Palace, Debre Sina Mariam (in Gorgora, about 60 kilometers from Gondar), Awramba society, and a boa trip on the starting point of the Niles long journey to Egypt.